The Anti-Chucky

April 6th, 2009

Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski

Joe finally got around to watching new offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski’s press conference held Wednesday, and now posted on

Joe recommends the video.

The guy is a real breath of fresh air. No apprehension around the media, although his body language reveals he was clearly uncomfortable with Jay Cutler questions.

Drenched in sweat wearing a Bucs t-shirt, Jagodzinski talks openly about the importance of communication and his personal philosophy of only considering his own experiences with a player when evaluating that player. 

He also speaks with great confidence and authority when he talks about how the Bucs will run the football downhill. For those comments alone, Joe believes he is the Anti-Chucky.

2 Responses to “The Anti-Chucky”

  1. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Great, because he gives a couple on answers he is the Anti-Gruden. I also have never ever heard an offensive coach of any kind, not say that they “need to Run the ball” or “Establish the Run”. Can we just go ahead and give the awards for off-season champion so we can get to real football!

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Thanks for your comments, Buc Realist.

    Joe is dying for real football, too. And the thought of 3 1/2 months until training camp has Joe sick to his stomach. But we are trying to give you daily stuff here. …The take here is that Gruden hadn’t really talked about running the football since he abandoned the whole “Pound That Rock” mentality, especially the last three years, and after Cadillac burst onto the scene. It just struck Joe that Jagodzinski talks like a true run-first guy.

    Frankly, they’ll have to be able to move the chains for McCown to be a winner in ’09