Anti-Josh Freeman Talk Grows On NFL Radio

April 6th, 2009

The experts at NFL Radio think little of Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman

Joe just loves Sirius NFL Radio almost as much as he loves Howard Stern. (Did anyone hear Joe on a Howard 100 news update Thursday or Friday?)

In fact, those two channels (and sometimes NHL Home Ice) are the only channels Joe listens to from the moment he gets up in the morning until 3 p.m., when Joe turns to local radio where he only respects two local afternoon shows.

(Not coincidently, New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft recently made back-to-back appearances on both Stern’s show and NFL Radio — both shows originate from Sirius’ Manhattan studios. At both stops, Kraft said aside from sometimes listening to music, all he ever listened to was Stern and NFL Radio.)

What Joe finds interesting in listening to Sirius NFL Radio is the growing anti-Josh Freeman sentiment amid the hosts, as opposed to the pro-Josh Freeman jocking of BSPN’s Mel Kiper and the subsequent Freeman slurping from Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times.

This morning on “The Opening Drive,” Alex Marvez, co-hosting with Bob Papa, went off on the Josh Freeman bandwagon. A Jets fan called asking about the Jets picking a quarterback and noted both the Jets and the Bucs seem to be leaning toward Freeman which set Marvez off.

Marvez, who is also a national NFL beat writer for, had done his research and suggests the Freeman chatter heard in so many media circles is little more than smoke screens by teams.

“I am just not hearing this buzz on Josh Freeman being this great quarterback prospect, ” Marvez said. “Am I missing the boat on this guy? Maybe there will be teams that will realize the financial investment in a player like this [may not be worth the reach].

“You see the high pay in a guy’s contact like this [for a quarterback drafted in the first round] and will there be some teams realizing they’re having to overpay?”

Joe thinks all this nonsense of the Bucs drafting Freeman is nothing more than a smoke screen and Kiper trying to sell BSPN Insider subscriptions.

One Response to “Anti-Josh Freeman Talk Grows On NFL Radio”

  1. Gene Says:

    Big Stern fan here is well, and that really all I listen to. I can’t listen all day, so I love the fact it repeats over and over. He’s the best interviewer of all time.

    As for NFL radio, it is far superior to any other sports channel, and that is mainly because they get good guests. The only good thing about sports radio is listening to guests. I hate shows that take calls from regular people that want to give their opinion. The one thing I truly despise about sports radio is when people call in and give their picks. What do I care about some nobody’s opinion on who is going to win this week. I want insight and scoops, not who someone is taking in their office pool. While I’m on the topic, I also don’t really care who the experts pick because they are usually wrong. I wish their jobs depended on it. I wish the ESPN experts got fired if they only got a certain percentage right throughout the season. Than the picks would interest me.