Steve DeBerg Talks To Joe

April 24th, 2009

Former Bucs quarterback Steve DeBerg likes offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski's change to give the QB responsibility for offensive line adjustments at the line of scrimmage

Joe caught up with former Bucs quarterback Steve DeBerg during his morning hike today to chat a little Bucs football.

Of course, the topic was quarterbacks.

DeBerg lives locally and said he has been busy training Rex Grossman three days a week, as well as training about 1,000 quarterbacks of all ages nationwide in the past year.

First Joe asked DeBerg about what he thinks of Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski stripping center Jeff Faine of his offensive line call duties and turning them over to the quarterback.

“That’s the way it’s supposed to be. If the quarterback can’t handle it, then there’s a problem. He can see so much more of the defense. Really that’s the way it’s supposed to be. It’s a good thing the Bucs are moving in that direction with their offense this year.”

On new Bucs quarterback Byron Leftwich’s slow release and unorthodox mechanics:

“He’s a big strong kid. Look the most imporant thing for any quarterback throwing the football is accuracy and he’s good with that. But anybody who knows advance throwing techniques sees his release and knows it’s not right. But he’s made up for it and had success with good anticipation and accuracy. …Personally, if I was training him and I got a chance to work with him I would hope to quicken release. …Absolutely it can be corrected quickly.”

On Luke McCown:

“Obviously has natural QB skills. He’s kind of put in his time and earned his opportunity. But he’s unproven, that’s for sure.. It’s very tough for young QBs with the win-now philosophy in the NFL. He’s unproven that’s for sure.”

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