McCown Should Be The Starter

April 13th, 2009

With the addition yesterday of Bryon Leftwich, the Bucs starting quarterback situation has become more muddled than ever.

The spin by the Bucs front office, coaching staff and players is almost too good to be true: That Luke McCown is the greatest quarterback not to get a chance since Steve Young was Joe Montana’s towelboy.

It almost seems like a choreographed effort: Stay on the same page and say the same thing about a player who has minimal NFL experience.

Well, Vacation Man seems to be of the same mind, only he has seen McCown at least practice. In a chat on his NFC South blog last week, Vacation Man suggested McCown should be given the nod as the starter.

Nick in Tampa: Why is everyone so down on Luke McCown. He’s not really been given a chance, he’s has some really good moments, notably torching the saints through the air. Do you think he deserves a chance?

Vacation Man: Yeah, the guy definitely has some positives. I’ve liked the little we’ve seen of him. I think he’s got a shot.

Joe always wondered why Raheem The Dream was so overtly coveting NFL bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman and/or another quarterback. Sure, The Dream said competition is good and Joe agrees.

Apparently, Son of Bob is that brutal (duh!) and Josh Johnson is so green that The Dream really needed a free agent to push McCown.

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