Josh Johnson Isn’t Ready

April 13th, 2009

Ever since Raheem The Dream was named the new Bucs coach, he’s been beating the drum over and over and over and over about how much talent backup quarterback Josh Johnson has.

Well, it’s become clear to Joe that if Johnson has that much talent, and if Johnson truly was pushing Luke McCown for the Bucs starting job, then there was no need at all to acquire Byron Leftwich.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, one of the best NFL beat writers in the country (and a really cool guy Joe might add) communicated with Leftwich Sunday and Bouchette is also of the impression that the Bucs were going to give him a chance to start, which is also what The Professor, John Clayton (who is as plugged in to the Steelers as any national reporter) claimed yesterday on BSPN.

Leftwich, in a text message to the Post-Gazette, confirmed an ESPN-com report that he will join the Buccaneers. In doing so, he turned down a two-year contract offer from the Steelers for about minimum wage.

In Tampa, Leftwich will have a chance to compete for the starting job, something he would not have with the Steelers. The Bucs also have quarterback Luke McCown, Josh Johnson and Brian Griese with McCown listed as the starter.

Leftwich, per Bouchette, turned down a two-year offer with the Steelers.

Now think about this: Why would a guy want to leave a cushy gig with the Super Bowl champs if he was not going to be given a shot at starting?

To Joe this is crystal clear: Josh Johnson is not yet ready for the NFL. Maybe someday, maybe in 2010, but not this season.

One Response to “Josh Johnson Isn’t Ready”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hey Josh Johnson – get behind the Chris Simms cutout, now hold the clipboard like this and…

    The current management team didn’t draft Johnson and unfortunately for Josh he’ll likely play faster in the AFL than in the NFL.

    Luke & Bryon will actually “compete” but it’s Luke’s job to lose.

    As for the Cleveland comments – they stuck by Romeo for 4 years – need I say more? LOSERS!!!