Let’s Hope Dominik Has Learned

April 20th, 2009
Joe hopes new Bucs general manager Mark Dominik gives him a reason to smile after this weekends draft.

Joe hopes new Bucs general manager Mark Dominik gives him a reason to smile after this weekend's draft.

Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune has an article where he touts the front office experience of new Bucs general manager Mark Dominik.

In the article, Cummings documents how Dominik was very involved in many draft-day moves the Bucs made last year.

Under predecessor Bruce Allen, Dominik was in charge of forwarding, fielding and ultimately determining the value of most of the Bucs’ draft-day trade proposals.

“It evolved to the point where a lot of the trades in terms of moving around in the draft, whether it was moving up or down, I was heavily involved in those decisions,” Dominik said.

“The question of whether it made sense to move forward or fall back, to determine the risks and the gains, it was on me to recommend it and say, ‘Hey Bruce, we have an opportunity to do this.'”

The Bucs were involved in three draft-day trades last year, moving down in the second round to take receiver Dexter Jackson, up in the fourth to get defensive tackle Dre Moore and down in the fifth to get quarterback Josh Johnson.

In those trades, the Bucs also obtained a seventh-round pick in 2009 from Jacksonville, a sixth-rounder from Chicago that was used on linebacker Geno Hayes and a seventh-rounder from New England that was used on running back Cory Boyd.

Uuummm. Joe isn’t so sure this is an element of Dominik’s resume that is very endearing to Dominik. After reading the article, Joe is hoping Dominik’s only phone calls are to tell the Bucs representative in New York whose name to write on the card before it’s brought to the podium.

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