Joe Hates The Pick; Not Freeman

April 27th, 2009

Joe is seeing increasing comments from his readers — and he thanks ALL who are reading and commenting; thank you very much — critical of Joe for hating bust-in-waiting quarterback Josh Freeman.

That simply cannot be more wrong.

Has anyone heard of the Catholic saying, “Don’t hate the sinner; hate the sin?”

Well, for Joe, it’s “Don’t hate the drafted player; hate the pick.”

Joe hopes — no, prays — that 20 years from now Josh Freeman is wearing a yellow sports jacket on a warm and sunny August afternoon holding his bust on a stage in front of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Joe sees the likelihood of that happening about as much as he expects Rachel Watson waiting for him with open arms when Joe comes home tonight.

Unlike other outlets that are shrugging their shoulders or are outright cheerleading that this pick was great, arrogantly mocking those who think otherwise, Joe won’t let this die.

This pick will set the franchise back five years.

If Freeman makes a Pro Bowl, Joe will buy his jersey and offer to buy Freeman a steak dinner and several adult beverages in honor of his accomplishment.

Joe doesn’t see that happening, either, but dearly hopes it does happen (steak dinner and cocktails included).

Simply put, Bucs fans collectively got taken to the cleaners by this pick of Freeman. Joe isn’t going to curl up in a fetal position and suck his thumb and remain silent.

He’s outraged.

Please prove Joe wrong, Josh. PLEASE! All Bucs fans, including Joe, will love it.

Now if Freeman begins throwing interceptions all over the place or missing receivers right and left, rest assured Joe’s anger will be redirected.

Just ask Son of Bob about that.

12 Responses to “Joe Hates The Pick; Not Freeman”

  1. e2 Says:

    Joe, either way you try to spin it, you don’t like Freeman. When you say you hate the pick, does that mean if Stafford or Sanchez was there, and we traded up to get one of them at 17, you’d hate that too? For the way you are blasting Freeman, you should not be allowed to celebrate if and when he does succeed – and all for what – just so you can say I told ya so? How about saying something like, I didn’t like the pick, but if Raheem & Co. feel Josh is the answer, then like the rest of the team, I’m going to buy into the plan. The kid hasn’t even had a practice yet, and you’re labling him a bust. You have no idea what he is going to do with NFL coaching and mentoring around him, none of us do, but I know he has a better chance of success if we all support him vs trash him. The kid wants to be here man, lets try and keep it that way…. Joe man, with every bash on Freeman, it pushes me one step back from liking your site to be honest. Just doesn’t feel like you’re a team player, you or starting to sound more like you would rather be able to say I told ya so…

    I appreciate the effort in trying to justify your thoughts, but I aint buying it. Would you want the rest of the Bucs to not believe in Josh or would you rather have them all buy into the new direction? BE A TEAM PLAYER, it’s all I ask… The rest of the site is iLL, so you still have me as a fan, just please, “enuff” with the venting already, lets be positive eh?


  2. Jagsfan Says:

    Joe, you’re DOOMED the day you care what readers think. Don’t make the mistake of trying to please anyone. Anyone who comes here every day knows that you’re a devoted fan. Nobody should be tellinig anyone who to support the team.

  3. Mr Lucky Says:

    Personally I’m gonna drink tonight and forget about Josh…

    Thinking about Josh Freeman as the Bucs QB is like that old commercial with M&M’s – they melt in your mouth and not in your hand. Well hold those M&M’s for 15 minutes and guess what – THEY LIED TO YOU – Those candies melt all over the place!

  4. sjmack Says:

    e2, “I told you so” is part of being a sports fan. And Joe is entitled to his opinions. I told all my friends for years that E. Graham just needed a shot and I ripped the Bolts for trading Dan Boyle and the Rays for trading Delmon Young. Sometimes you get to say I told you so and sometimes you don’t. It’s fun. Don’t take life or Joe so seriously. It’s April. I said nobody would listen to Ron and Ian, and I was wrong there too. Lossen up.

  5. e2 Says:

    Right, a loyal Jagsfan has a take on Bucs message boards… This is comedy. I summed it up to, STOp VENTING, that’s all… I said i still like the rest of the site. I don’t expect Joe to listen to me like I’m Raheem and he’s Davin Joseph, I’m simply providing feedback as requested by Joe.

    Tell me this, is Garrard the truth in Jacksonville? I know y’all could have used a new QB from the draft. Biggest mistake Jags made was letting go of McKardel & Byron ( thanks by the way ) mistake #2, saying bye bye to Fred Taylor. Do you realize what he is going to do in NE? Well unfortunately we get to find out in London week 7. The way we will see how cutting Brooks is going to haunt us, your team will see with Fred.

    Kinda cool how you’re over here on a Bucs site though, Jacksonville websites must be pretty boring…


  6. e2 Says:

    SJMACK, I dig what you’re saying…. I wrote about 2 post to Joe regarding this topic, Joe wrote about 20 post on how he hates Josh, or the pick, yet I’m the one that needs to losen up? LOL…. Okay man…

  7. Mr Lucky Says:

    Joe – look on the BRIGHT side – Griese isn’t needed anymore right?

  8. MTM Says:

    Joe are you going to retract all these negative comments. When Josh Freeman leads the Buc’s to the superbowl next year. Alright I can’t go on with this any longer. I was just trying to be the one guy. Who thinks it’s really going to work. I am sure beer and liquor sales in the bay area have spiked rapidly. As they will every Sunday when the Buc’s open up their season.

  9. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:


  10. Joe Says:


    Love the passion in your last comment. Joe welcomes all opinions here.

  11. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    a lot of these newer fans dont know what 0-16 is like i was there and i remember, im not saying freeman will lead us to 0-16 but there is no guarantee that he wont either

  12. e2 Says:

    Here u go haters…