How Is Raheem Different Than Chucky?

April 27th, 2009
Though Chucky is gone, his ways have remained.

Though Chucky is gone, his ways have remained.

It’s no secret that one of the reasons Chucky was canned by the Glazer Boys was that he was, well, let’s just say Chucky played with the truth when dealing with players.

Three months into the Raheem the Dream regime, has that changed?

First, Raheem the Dream went on a three-month campaign telling all who would listen how Luke McCown is the next Drew Brees. Just give him a chance.

It was a campaign theme that would have made Obama pleased.

Why, McCown was thought of so highly by Raheem the Dream, that The Dream engineered a move in which the Bucs traded up to acquire a franchise quarterback.

The way Raheem the Dream gushed over bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman, Joe wondered if Raheem the Dream needed to run to the bathroom or was in serious need of a tissue.

When Raheem the Dream wasn’t beating into everyone’s head of the greatness of Luke McCown, he was bragging up Josh Johnson. The young man had skills. You’ll see: He’ll turn heads.

Why, Johnson was thought of so highly by Raheem the Dream, that The Dream engineered a move in which the Bucs traded up to acquire a franchise quarterback.

Joe hasn’t read anywhere of Johnson’s thoughts on what transpired Saturday.

Easter Sunday, the Bucs signed veteran quarterback Byron Leftwich. The big right-hander chose the Bucs over Pittsburgh and Washington because Raheem the Dream promised him he would have a shot at starting.

Before the month was over, Raheem the Dream demonstrated he thought so highly of Leftwich that The Dream engineered a move in which the Bucs traded up to acquire a franchise quarterback.

Just after he was selected by the Bucs, Freeman told an online audience during an live chat that just after Leftwich was signed, Raheem the Dream told Freeman that signing was nothing more than “a smokescreen.”

Joe has yet to read Leftwich’s thoughts of Saturday’s transactions and how he was used as a pawn by Raheem the Dream.

Now the Bucs, previously criticized for collecting quarterbacks when Chucky was running the show, have five potential starting quarterbacks. Five!

If Chucky would have pulled the same aforementioned stunts, One Buc Palace would be surrounded by an angry mob armed with lit torches.

So how exactly is Raheem the Dream any different than Chucky?

Joe’s just asking.

5 Responses to “How Is Raheem Different Than Chucky?”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    Maybe, just maybe, Raheem was “forced” to pick Freeman. Imagine that the Glazers threatened Morris with the ultimatum of “pick Josh Freeman or pack your bags.” Could explain things – maybe…

    I can tell you this – if the Leftwhich signing was a “smokescreen” like Freeman claims if I’m Leftwhich I’m mad as hell – especially when Pittsburg made an offer.

    There’s no way the Bucs go to training camp with 5 QB’s so Josh Johnson and Brian Griese – don’t let the door hit you on the butt on your way out. Good luck in that new football league starting next year.

    Furthermore I FINALLY understand what Raheem meant by his statement of “Staying the Course” when he was hired – confusing misinformation coming out of One Buc Place continues. Tell everyone what they WANT to hear then just do what you damn well please.

    This really builds my trust in the Bucs

  2. Bill Says:

    Hope I’m wrong- Gruden bashers may regret their calls for his head when all is said and done.

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    The difference is simple. Chucky is a die hard Pro Football Coach. He eats, breathes, lives Football and doesn’t sleep. Chucky has passion and a Brain. Raheem the Daydream has neither. Raheem has spin, as in “We can’t wait to see Josh spin a few”. It sounds as if the Daydream has spun a few too many doobies, and has lost sight of reality. Raheem is an embarrassment to Tampa, the Bucs, and everything the NFL stands for. We need to have The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation begin a licensing program for Certified Football Coaches. This would weed out Raheem immediately as he would never be able to obtain the 70% passing grade required. Too bad O-Bow-ma didn’t hire him first. He’d fit right in with that bunch.

  4. Mike Says:

    That’s President Obama

  5. Sargeant Mike Says:

    Just confirms that “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, so be careful of what you wish for” . I wished for Bill Cowher— I didn’t get my wish ———YET!