Hovering Behind Dominik and The Dream

April 26th, 2009
With guys like Bill Cowher unemployed, was it smart for Lloyd and Harry to draft the teams newest bust?

With guys like Bill Cowher unemployed, was it smart for Lloyd and Harry to draft the team's newest bust?

Despite the fact Super Bowl-winning coaches such as Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan and Mike Holmgren are lurking on the sides, either Lloyd and Harry, eeerr, Bucs general manager Mark Dominik and coach Raheem The Dream, are either too brave to know any better or they helped dig themselves their own grave after a short time with the Bucs.

That’s the impression Vacation Man of BSPN had: That the duo are comfortable in their positions taking such a monumental gamble on a guy who wasn’t even in the top tier of quarterbacks in his own weak conference.

If your head hit the dashboard when the Bucs drafted the Kansas State quarterback or were one of those fans at the draft party in the stadium who booed when the pick was announced, get used to the idea. The pace has slowed and the days of acting now and worrying about it later are over. At least for as long as Morris and general manager Mark Dominik are around and they’re sounding and acting like guys who think they’ll be around for a while. “We just made a long-term decision for this franchise,” Dominik told me a few minutes after picking Freeman. Drafting a guy like Freeman, who was considered a bit of a project by some teams, isn’t the kind of move if you think you’re holding a seat for Bill Cowher or Mike Shanahan for a year. This is the kind of move you make when you’re thinking about setting down roots for a family and a franchise.

Let’s face it, if the Bucs win, say, three games next year with their quarterback situation no clearer than this past season and if the defense gets lit up like a Roman candle each Sunday, the few people sprinkled among the empty red seats at the blacked out games will be quite vocal for one of the three aforementioned Super Bowl-winning coaches. And for good reason.

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