Defining “Stay The Course”

April 26th, 2009
"Hey, Dream, can you explain what "Stay The Course" mean? I'm still not getting it."

"Hey, Dream, can you explain what "Stay The Course" meant? I'm still not getting it."

There stood Raheem The Dream on January 17 with an unflinching grin plastered on his mug.

He was the new head coach of the Bucs. The Glazer Boys’ new man.

The Dream talked about the closeness of the Bucs family and was asked about his plans for the direction of the team.

With that smile wide as can be, he said multiple times he will “Stay The Course.” “Stay The Course.”

One could argue he has been staying the course: obsessed with quarterbacks, reaching for picks, mortgaging the future, double talking and crafting an unconventional agenda.

It doesn’t feel good for Joe to judge any head coach who hasn’t coached his first game.  But Raheem The Dream is just too all over the place to deserve a break.

Joe’s rooting for you, Dream. Rooting for you to dig yourself out of the massive hole you’ve chosen to leap into.

2 Responses to “Defining “Stay The Course””

  1. Rays Revolution Says:

    Amen. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I keep saying Dream = Richard Williamson. I’m not sure who’s run worse right now, the Lightning or the Bucs.

    Hopefully, the Rays will get something going so I can completely ignore that mess at One Buc Place.

  2. MTM Says:

    I remember another jackass who likes to stay the course. We are still dealing with that disaster 8 yrs later. A better choice of words from the “Dreamonik” crew. Would have been: ” Continuing to make the Browns and Jets look like over achievers”.