Glazers Waiting On $115 Million Payday

April 15th, 2009

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo, the 2008 World Player of the Year, is expected to have his rights sold by the Glazers this summer for $115 million.

Now as many of you know, there are two guys who serve as the famous “Joe” of  Both bleed pewter and red, but their other sports interests differ greatly.

For example, the author here is a soccer-loving NBA fan who shakes his head at those who bash the NBA yet haven’t watched a full game in 10 years, or at least since the zone defense returned to revitalize the league.

The point is Joe has you covered on Bucs news from every angle of the sports world.

One point that came up on Joe’s inaugural live chat last night was the Glazer Boys possible selling of Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo.

So what you say? Well, the extremely likely selling of Ronaldo this summer is expected to net the Glazers about $115 million. And we all know the Glazers are in massive debt with Manchester United and essentially have become non-players in the NFL free agent market.

In the soccer world, where many countries have top flight leagues, when you have a player under contract in England, for example, you don’t trade him to a team in Spain, you sell his rights. And the rights for the star winger Ronaldo will bring a record $115 million transfer.

The question is whether United’s owners, the Glazer family, can turn down such a huge financial deal in the current economic climate. Ferguson will hope they can, but the manager has acknowledged that playing for Real is the pinnacle for a player of Ronaldo’s Iberian background and it has stuck in his mind, from their talks last summer, that the player already thinks he has achieved everything he can in England.

The Glazers will win big here mainly because Manchester United fans are willing to accept the move, since the player wants out and he’s brought them championships and glory.

The Glazers won’t pick up additional hate, and they get the money. And that money can only help the situation with the Bucs.

14 Responses to “Glazers Waiting On $115 Million Payday”

  1. Dan Says:

    $115 mil? I am hearing 75 million POUNDS. That is 150 million my friend. Real Madrid will gladly pay it and 2 major British newspapers reported this figure independent from each others sources. They said this figure is already agreed upon on paper.

    And that is cash-money my friend. Plus they will unload his salary which is in Top 10 in world. Real is the only team that can make this happen. They will have to unload of couple of their star players though. Probably a couple of the superb Dutch guys that they have.

  2. Dan Says:

    lol…. of course the markets have changed a bit and 75 mil pounds is now worth only a meager(?) $115 mil American. Please continue Joe, do not mind Dan IDK Currency XChange 2009.

  3. crease22 Says:

    Yep. Those pounds don’t go as far as they used to. …… $115 million for a soccer player. WTF? WHat kind of pressure will that guy have on himself?

  4. MTM Says:

    JBF – soccer should never make it on this website. Stop. It burns!!!

  5. MTM Says:

    Will horse jockeys be next story. It is basically the same thing as soccer.

  6. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hey Joe do you cover Bocce & Cricket as well?

    Or is that Joe2….of maybe joebucsfan…????

  7. admin Says:

    Joe here.

    Lucky – Sorry we confused you a bit on our initial live chat last night. …There are two writers here serving as “Joe”, and we’ll probably just be JoeBucsFan1 and JoeBucsFan2 on the next chat. We’ll sort that out. ….I assure you Joe doesn’t do Cricket or Bocce, but if it involves the Bucs in some way, we’ll be there.

    MTM – Sorry the soccer burned you. LOL …Of course, this whole story here is a Bucs story. It’s not Joe’s fault the Glazers bought a billion dollar soccer team that’s got them counting their nickels.

  8. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    first culverhouse now the glazers WILL SOMEBODY WITH SOME MONEY PLEASE BUY THIS TEAM!

  9. Chad Says:

    Soccer rules Cristiano Ronaldo is going to Real Madrid

  10. MTM Says:

    Chad-this is not a your a pee on site. Please exit now. And take any of your soccer loving friends with you.

  11. Alan_V Says:

    Seems that you’ve only scratched the surface of European soccer in general, and Manchester United in specifics. Firstly, the latest figures bandied about for Ronaldo during the January transfer window eclipsed 100 million pounds. That’s not chump change by any means. However, Ronaldo himself has stated that he will not go anywhere this summer. Concensus is he will wait for Sir Alex Ferguson (team manager) to retire before entertaining any move. United don’t want to sell him and after Real Madrid pursued him through the media, United have threatened to report them for undue influence of the player.

    Next, where will the money go. The Glazers are reported to be over 500 million POUNDS in debt from the purchase of the club. It is more likely that they would reinvest in a quality player to replace Ronaldo, costing over 20 million pounds, then sink the rest back into refinancing the club.

    Bottom line, it won’t affect the Bucs at all.

  12. admin Says:

    Joe here,
    Alan, welcome to …Of course we only scratched the surface of Euro and Man U soccer. This is a Buccaneers football site. Why would we dig deep into those topics. …Secondly, the 75 million pounds figure is among many thrown around around, and the more conservative number was chosen to illustrate how the Glazers could net $115 million. …Lastly, you can bet refinancing the Man U debt with the profits would surely affect the Bucs. It’s all connected friend.

  13. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    Since they got one Super Bowl Trophy and they seem to like sukker or soccer better do you think they will ever sell the Bucs?

  14. MTM Says:

    ENOUGH !!!!