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April 16th, 2009

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Just nine days until the NFL Draft. Only nine days!

Just think of the anxiety pulsating through your beer-soaked arteries when you hear, “And the Buccaneers select …” 

Today, Joe is serving up a draft orgasm for you with the latest detailed mock draft by esteemed NFL Draft genius Justin Pawlowski. He’s a former D-I offensive lineman and host of The Blitz on 620 WDAE-AM, The Sports Animal.

Now that Mike Mayock has joined those who think quarterback Josh Freeman is a franchise quarterback, Joe is convinced Pawlowski is unmatched in his draft expertise.

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Justin Pawlowski – Mock Draft IV
Updated 4-15-09
1.   Detroit Lions – Matthew Stafford 
QB – Georgia – 6’3” – 225 lbs

Comments:  Well, it’s crunch time for the Lions. It’s pretty apparent that the pick will be either Stafford or Jason Smith.  Although I’m a fan of building the offensive and defensive lines before anything else, like Bill Parcells, I believe the Lions will go all in and hope Stafford is the next elite quarterback in the NFL.  New Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan likes to throw the ball deep, so a strong-armed quarterback will be needed.  Sure, Josh Freeman could be available at the Lions’ other first round pick, but the difference between Stafford and Freeman is monumental and not worth passing on a potential franchise quarterback.
2.   St. Louis Rams – Jason Smith
OT – Baylor – 6’5” – 309 lbs

Comments:  The departures of Torry Holt and Orlando Pace have pinpointed the two biggest needs for the Rams.  There have been rumblings of the Broncos trading up to this pick to grab Mark Sanchez in front of the Seahawks.  If the Rams end up keeping this selection, I’d go with the player and position higher on my board and the more valuable position.  Smith has the potential to be an elite left tackle for a long time in the NFL.  He’s still a bit raw, but the talent and intangibles are there.  The Rams should still be able to grab a receiver at the top of Round 2.
3.   Kansas City Chiefs – Eugene Monroe
OT – Virginia – 6’5” – 309 lbs

Comments:  This pick will probably come down to Monroe and Aaron Curry.  This one’s tough.  I have Curry as the best player in this draft and Scott Pioli has that Patriots mentality of having depth at linebacker.  However, we can’t ignore the connection between Pioli, Todd Hailey, and Monroe’s college coach, Al Groh.  They were all together in New York with the Jets and might have a better understanding between each other.  It also wouldn’t hurt pairing up Monroe with his former collegiate teammate, Branden Albert, again.
4.   Seattle Seahawks – Mark Sanchez
QB – USC – 6’3” – 227 lbs
  This pick is driving me nuts.  I’m starting to hear that all this talk of Sanchez might be a simple smokescreen to get either Monroe or Curry.  Personally, I’m not buying it.  Hasselbeck is 33 and coming off a back injury that sidelined him for most of 2008.  With Jim Mora Jr. taking over, you have to imagine that he and offensive coordinator, Greg Knapp, would like to start with a young quarterback who could be elite.  Let’s also remember that Gus Bradley is the Seahawks’ new defensive coordinator, which means the Seahawks will be running the “Tampa 2” defense.  Since they franchised LeRoy Hill and the strongside linebacker is not that important in the “Tampa 2”, why would they spend the four pick on another outside linebacker?  It doesn’t make sense. 
5.   Cleveland Browns – Michael Crabtree
WR – Texas Tech – 6’1” – 215 lbs
  Braylon Edwards to the Giants is just about done and will probably be announced at the draft.  That, along with Donte Stallworth’s situation has made receiver one of the biggest needs for the Browns.  The biggest problem the Browns had last year was dropped passes by their so-called elite receiver, Braylon Edwards.  If that was the case, why not draft the receiver with the best hands in the draft? It has been noted that the Browns have become smitten with Crabtree, and since the need is there, it makes too much sense.  They can address defensive needs with their two 2nd round picks, or the Giants 1st round pick if the trade goes through.
6.   Cincinnati Bengals – BJ Raji
DT – Boston College – 6’1” – 337 lbs
  All I’ve heard is that the Bengals need to go offensive tackle with this pick, but I’m seeing more needs than just offensive tackle for them.  The Bengals’ coaches coached the North squad at the Senior Bowl, and that was the same team and week that BJ Raji cemented his place as one of the draft’s top prospects.  The Bengals coaching staff was there front and center to witness it.  In a division as tough and physical as the AFC North, I’d think Raji could be a valuable part of the Bengals defense immediately.  I’m not naïve either, and feel offensive tackle, either Michael Oher or Andre Smith, would be a nice selection.  I’m not buying the rumors of the Bengals drafting a receiver here.
7.   Oakland Raiders – Jeremy Maclin
WR – Missouri – 6′ – 198 lbs
  Al Davis likes the fastest and biggest playmakers in the draft.  Enter, Jeremy Maclin.  Even if Crabtree was available here, I still have a gut feeling that Davis is turning to Maclin instead.  Maclin is a blazer who could become an incredible pro.  He’s as dangerous returning punts and kicks as he is as a receiver.
8.   Jacksonville Jaguars – Aaron Curry 
OLB – Wake Forrest – 6’2” – 254 lbs
  This is surprising that my top rated player in this year’s draft would drop to No. 8, but {+++} that’s how it played out.  Jack Del Rio is no fool and knows his job is on the line this year.  He needs players who can come in and make an impact. And I’m not sure there is a better player that fits that mold in this draft other than Curry, who is big, fast, and nasty.  He can play inside or outside, and start for the Jaguars immediately. 
9.   Green Bay Packers – Michael Oher
OT – Ole Miss. – 6’4” – 309 lbs
  I’ve had the Packers taking a defensive player, and actually just changed this mock draft, but with defenders being so deep in this draft, I’m starting to think the Packers go with one of the most talented offensive linemen available.  Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher are not getting any younger, and Oher has the potential to be simply brilliant.  He can play either right or left, and give the Packers some much needed long term protection for their high priced QB.  Look for the Packers to go defense with their next couple of picks. 
10. San Francisco 49ers – Brian Orapko
DE/OLB – Texas – 6’3” – 263 lbs
  If I was Mike Singletary, I’d be licking my chops if Orakpo fell into my lap.  The 49ers are a team on the cusp with needs at quarterback, receiver, and a pass rushing outside linebacker.  Orakpo has been considered by many to be this year’s top 3-4 outside linebacker prospect.  
11. Buffalo Bills – Robert Ayers
DE – Tennessee – 6’3” – 272 lbs
  The Bills need a tight end and someone to rush the quarterback.  With Aaron Maybin and Everette Brown on the board, I chose Ayers for the Bills because he’s a better fit for their 4-3 defense, and the Bills aren’t known for sticking with who everyone else says is good.  I’m not saying that Ayers isn’t good, I just don’t know if he’s as good as Maybin and Brown.
12. Denver Broncos – Tyson Jackson
DE – LSU – 6’4” – 296 lbs
  If the Broncos don’t trade up and keep these picks, I expect them to go defense.  When transitioning to a 3-4 defense, the two areas I like to improve first is along the defensive line and at outside linebacker.  Elvis Dumerville and Jarvis Moss are moving to outside linebacker, so I’m going with Tyson Jackson here.  Jackson is an ideal fit for a 3-4 defensive end, and something the Broncos are desperate for.  He is strong and physical, and adds a presence to the Broncos defensive line that they haven’t had in years.
13. Washington Redskins – Andre Smith
OT – Alabama – 6’4” – 332 lbs
  The Redskins biggest needs lie along the offensive line.  With Andre Smith on the board, Daniel Snyder has shown that character doesn’t mean as much to him as talent.  Smith might have the greatest potential in this year’s draft.  There were times when he simply dominated the SEC in 2008.  If he gets and keeps his head on straight, this could end up being one of the biggest steals in the draft.
14. New Orleans Saints – Chris “Beanie” Wells
RB – Ohio St. – 6’1” – 235 lbs
  With no 2nd round pick this year, the Saints need to make the most of their 1st round pick.  Last year’s 2nd round pick, Tracy Porter, has allowed the Saints to finally not focus on cornerback as much as they have the past couple of years.  Actually, the Saints biggest need could be on offense where the loss of Deuce McAllister has given the Saints a void in short yardage.  Last year, when the Saints played the Bucs in Tampa, the Bucs took advantage of the Saints short yardage offense, stopping them numerous times throughout the game and ultimately helping the Bucs win.  Beanie Wells is a power back with the speed and agility to break big runs.
15. Houston Texans – Clay Matthews 
OLB – USC – 6’3” – 240 lbs
  The Texans are desperate for a defensive player to come in and make an immediate impact.  Who better than the son and nephew of two of the tougher players in NFL history? Clay Matthews is a tough and physical player who excels at blitzing and rushing the passer.  
16. San Diego Chargers – Eben Britton
OT – Arizona – 6’6” – 309 lbs
  I’m not a huge fan of Britton, but he’d be a good fit for the Chargers here.  The Chargers are in the market for a right tackle, and luckily, that’s the best and maybe only fit for Britton.  Britton is a physical player who could help out immediately in the run game.
17. New York Jets – Josh Freeman
QB – Kansas St. – 6’6” – 248 lbs
  By far, the Jets biggest need is quarterback.  Although I’m not a huge fan of Freeman, the Jets can’t afford to wait until their 2nd round pick if they are targeting a quarterback in this draft.  Freeman does have good qualities that fit well in New York with the Jets.  His strong arm will help him in the windy conditions up in New York.  Receiver could also be taken here.
18. Denver Broncos (via Chicago) – Aaron Maybin
DE/OLB – Penn St. – 6’4” – 249 lbs
  The Broncos already addressed their defensive line with their first pick, now they get a gift with Maybin.  Maybin is a nice fit as a 3-4 outside linebacker.  With a change to a 3-4 defense, linebackers are a necessity. 
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Everette Brown
DE/OLB – Florida St. – 6’2” – 256 lbs
  If this plays out, I can’t imagine the Bucs would pass on a pass rusher like Brown.  The reason for Brown’s drop is simple.  Some scouts believe Brown might be too small as a defensive end in a 4-3 defense, and not athletic enough to cover down field on a consistent basis as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense.  The fact of the matter is that he is a pure pass rusher who knows how to get past offensive linemen.
Of course, the best bet for the Bucs would be to trade back, but who would want to trade up to the Bucs pick?  The Eagles, Giants, Browns, and Dolphins are logical picks because they each have multiple picks in either the first or second rounds.  Another team to keep an eye on is the Arizona Cardinals, especially if they’re eyeing either Wells or Moreno in front of the Eagles.  With the Cardinals first round pick, the Bucs could still get either Ron Brace or Larry English and still have another 2nd round pick.
Trading down is fine and dandy, but it does take two to tango, and who’s to say that the Bucs would want to trade down if a player they like is available at 19.  We’ve now gone full circle because I believe that if a player like Brown is available, I think and hope that the Bucs would make the wise pick and select him.
20. Detroit Lions (via Cowboys) – Rey Maualuga
ILB – USC – 6’2” – 249 lbs 
  When you’re 0-16, your biggest need as an organization is leadership.  The Lions already got their leader on offense with their first pick in Stafford.  Maualuga brings the Lions leadership on defense.  He is a player that can dominate at times, and since the Lions didn’t have anyone dominating anything last year, Maualuga would be a big upgrade.
21. Philadelphia Eagles – Knowshon Moreno
RB – Georgia – 5’11” – 217 lbs
  The Eagles should be looking for help for Brian Westbrook.  Westbrook rarely makes it through a 16-game season.  Moreno might be the best all-around back in this draft.  He does everything from blocking, to catching, to being able to run inside or outside.
22. Minnesota Vikings – Alex Mack
OC – California – 6’4” – 311 lbs
  The loss of Matt Birk was a big one for the Vikings.  Not only was he a good player for them, but he was a captain and leader along the offensive line as well.  Mack is in a much similar mold as Birk.  Mack is one of the smartest players in this draft and has the ability to step in right away and start at center in the NFL.
23. New England Patriots – Connor Barwin
DE/OLB – Cincinnati – 6’4” – 256 lbs
  The Patriots like outside linebackers who can also play tight end.  If that’s the case, Connor Barwin would be an ideal fit.  Barwin played tight end his first three seasons at Cincinnati before moving to defensive end his senior season.  He has been quite impressive during offseason workouts and is the type of player Bill Belichick covets. 
24. Atlanta Falcons – Malcolm Jenkins
CB/FS – Ohio St. – 6′ – 204 lbs
  The Falcons have needs at both corner and safety.  Jenkins fits both of those needs.  I can’t really explain it, but Jenkins seems to be losing some steam as we near draft day.  He would be a great fit for the Falcons and Mike Smith’s defense.  Jenkins is a playmaker and a sure tackler.
 25. Miami Dolphins – Hakeem Nicks
WR – North Carolina – 6’1” – 212 lbs
  The Dolphins need a good possession receiver opposite Ted Ginn Jr.  Other than Crabtree, Nicks might have the best hands in the draft.  Outside linebacker could also be a target, but with that position so deep, the Dolphins can afford to go that direction later on.
26. Baltimore Ravens – Vontae Davis
CB – Illinois – 5’11” – 203 lbs
  John Harbaugh is the former secondary coach for the Eagles and knows defensive backs.  Vontae Davis could be the most talented corner in this year’s draft.  He has some issues with coachability, but Davis is loaded with natural raw talent.  The Ravens do have some corners in Samari Rolle, Fabian Washington, and Dominique Foxworth, but Davis has the potential to trump them.
27. Indianapolis Colts – Percy Harvin
WR – Florida – 5’11” – 192 lbs
  Peria Jerry and Evander Hood could be possibilities, but Harvin is way too good to pass up here.  I’m still amazed at all the reports of Harvin’s stock dropping.  With the Colts in the market for a speed receiver, you’d have to imagine that if Harvin is available, the Colts would take him.  If Harvin does go to the Colts, there could be 26 teams wondering why they didn’t draft him sooner.
28. Philadelphia Eagles (via Panthers) – William Beatty
OT – UCONN – 6’6” – 307 lbs
  Andy Reid seems to always address his offensive or defensive lines early on in drafts.  I have him straying away from that pattern with their first 1st round pick, but not here.  Beatty is a balanced offensive tackle with the tools to play left tackle in the NFL.  With the loss of Tra Thomas to Jacksonville and Jon Runyan still available in free agency, the Eagles need to address left tackle in this draft. 
29. New York Giants – Brian Cushing
OLB – USC – 6’3” – 243 lbs
  It’s looking as if the Giants might be trading this pick to the Browns for Braylon Edwards.  If the Giants end up keeping this pick, I believe Cushing would be an ideal fit at strongside linebacker for them.  Cushing is a big linebacker with plenty of speed.  He is a tremendous worker and plays with a mean streak on the field.  I view Cushing as a “Tom Coughlin” guy.
30. Tennessee Titans – Peria Jerry
DT – Ole Miss. – 6’2” – 299 lbs
  The Titans have a big hole to fill with the departure of Albert Haynesworth.  Although Jerry isn’t nearly that size, he is a very good defensive tackle who gets constant penetration into the backfield.  Jerry has had some slight injury concerns, but the Titans pride themselves as a physical team, and Jerry fits that perfectly.
31. Arizona Cardinals – Donald Brown
RB – UCONN – 5’10” – 210 lbs
  If the Cardinals are truly looking to upgrade their running back situation, they’ll look to trade up and grab either Beanie Wells or Knowshon Moreno.  If they can’t get a deal done, they’ll have to settle with Donald Brown.  Brown proved in 2008 that he could shoulder the load when he led the nation in rushing.  The Cardinals would finally have a running back they could rely on.
32. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jarron Gilbert
DE – San Jose St. – 6’5” – 288 lbs
  A lot of people are looking for the Steelers to go offensive line here, but why go offensive line when there are so many good defensive players available.  The Steelers defensive line is getting a little old, and Jarron Gilbert is being regarded as an excellent fit for defensive end in a 3-4 defense.  He is athletic and physical, and should be a fixture along the Steelers’ defensive line for years.   
2nd Round:
33. Detroit Lions – Evander “Ziggy” Hood
DT – Missouri – 6’3” – 300 lbs

  The Lions traded their top defensive tackle to the Seahawks for Julian Peterson, and although I liked the trade for them, it opened a hole at defensive tackle.  Hood is the type of player that works extremely hard at his craft and will do whatever is asked of him.  He’s constantly trying to get better, and should fit well in Jim Schwartz’s defense.
34. New England Patriots (via Chiefs) – Darius Butler
CB – UCONN – 5’10” – 183 lbs

Comments:  Bill Bellichick is always looking to improve his defense, and Butler is an ideal fit for man coverage.
35. St. Louis Rams – Kenny Britt
WR – Rutgers – 6’3” – 218 lbs

  Donnie Avery is a nice speed threat, but the Rams need a replacement for Torry Holt.  Steve Spagnuolo got to see Britt first hand while defensive coordinator for the Giants.  If Britt keeps his attitude in check, he has the potential to be great.
36. Cleveland Browns – James Laurinaitis
ILB – Ohio St. – 6’2” – 244 lbs

Comments: After the Browns went offense in the 1st round, I have them keeping one of the better defenders in this draft close to home.  Laurinaitis is a little underrated and could be a nice addition to the 3-4 defense.
37. Seattle Seahawks – Phil Loadholt 
OT – Oklahoma – 6’8’’ – 332 lbs

Comments:  The Seahawks want to get their ground game going. After getting their quarterback of the next 10 years in Round 1, Loadholt can step right in at right tackle and improve the Seahawks’ rushing attack.
38. Cincinnati Bengals – Eric Wood
OC – Louisville – 6’4” – 310 lbs
  The Bengals need a leader on their offensive line, and Wood’s stock has been going up.  Hmmm.  
39. Jacksonville Jaguars – Darrius Heyward-Bey
WR – Maryland – 6’2” – 210 lbs
  The Jaguars have been desperate for a receiver since Byron Leftwich was their quarterback.  Heyward-Bey has all the potential, but can he be more consistent?   
40. Oakland Raiders – Sean Smith
CB – Utah – 6’3” – 214 lbs
Let’s see, Smith is big and fast, and the Raiders need a safety.  I’m sure that sounds good to Al Davis. 
41. Green Bay Packers – Ron Brace
DT – Boston College – 6’3” – 330 lbs
  Brace is a big nose tackle and a great fit for a 3-4 defense.
42. Buffalo Bills – Brandon Pettigrew
TE – Oklahoma St. – 6’5” – 263 lbs
  The Bills stay patient and still get the best TE in the draft.
43. San Francisco 49ers – LeSean McCoy
RB – Pitt. – 5’10” – 198 lbs
  Mike Singletary wants help for Frank Gore.  McCoy can bring a spark to any offense.
 44. Miami Dolphins (via Washington) – Larry English
DE – Northern Illinois – 6’2” – 255 lbs
  English is a great pass rusher and will fit in at outside linebacker for the fish.  
45. New York Giants (via New Orleans) – Brian Robiskie
WR – Ohio St. – 6’3’’ – 209 lbs
  Obviously, all of the Giants’ picks in this mock draft are as if the trade for Braylon Edwards does not go through.  Robiskie is another “Coughlin” guy, who loves football and does whatever it takes for him and his team to succeed.
46. Houston Texans – Shonn Greene
RB – Iowa – 5’10’’ – 229 lbs
  Steve Slaton is great, but the Texans need someone to lean on in short yardage.  
47. New England Patriots (via San Diego) – Max Unger
OC – Oregon – 6’5” – 309 lbs
  The Patriots like versatility, and Unger can play any position along the offensive line.
48. Denver Broncos – Clint Sintim
OLB – Virginia – 6’3” – 256 lbs
  After playing his collegiate career in a 3-4 defense, Sintim can help the Broncos transition to that defense.
 49. Chicago Bears – Michael Johnson
DE – Georgia Tech – 6’7” – 266 lbs
  Johnson has all the potential in the world.Will he reach it?
50. Cleveland Browns (via Buccaneers) – Louis Delmas
FS – Western Michigan – 5’11” – 202 lbs
  Delmas can be a dynamic playmaker, and could start from day one for the Browns.

51. Dallas Cowboys – William Moore
SS – Missouri – 6’ – 221 lbs
  With the release of Roy Williams, Dallas opened itself up to a need at strong safety.  William Moore is a faster Roy Williams. 
52. New York Jets – Alphonso Smith
CB – Wake Forrest – 5’9” – 193 lbs
  Rex Ryan knows the importance of physical corners.  The pairing of Smith with Darrelle Revis would be dynamic. 

53. Philadelphia Eagles – Shawn Nelson
TE – Southern Miss. – 6’5” – 240 lbs

Comments:  With LJ Smith gone, the Eagles need a tight end that can be a threat in the passing game. 
54. Minnesota Vikings – DJ Moore
CB – Vanderbilt – 5’9” – 192 lbs
  The Vikings don’t have many needs, but Moore would be an ideal fit in their defense.  Moore isn’t the fastest corner, but he has a ton of talent in every other part of his game.

55. Atlanta Falcons – Cornelius Ingram
TE – Florida – 6’4” – 245 lbs

Comments: The Falcons tried for LJ Smith and failed.  They might try for Tony Gonzalez.  Obviously, the need for tight end is there.  Although Ingram didn’t play in 2008, he has a ton of potential and is one of the top pass receiving tight ends in this year’s draft.
56. Miami Dolphins – Sammie Lee Hill
DT – Stillman – 6’4’’ – 330 lbs
  Bill Parcells always finds the diamonds in the rough.  Hill is a physical nose tackle who would fit nicely in a 3-4 defense. 
57. Baltimore Ravens – Lawrence Sidbury Jr. 
DE – Richmond – 6’2’’ – 266 lbs
  Sidbury is a similar player to Terrell Suggs.  
58. New England Patriots – Patrick Chung
SS – Oregon – 5’11” – 212 lbs
  Chung is a hard hitter who can also play special teams.
59. Carolina Panthers – Fili Moala
DT – USC – 6’4” – 305 lbs
  The Panthers still have Julius Peppers, but need some help at defensive tackle. 
60. New York Giants – James Casey
TE – Rice – 6’3’’ – 246 lbs
  I feel the Giants need a threat at tight end.  Casey is a tremendous receiver at the tight end position.  He is a very mature player.
61. Indianapolis Colts – Alex Magee
DT – Purdue – 6’3’’ – 295 lbs
Magee is a good character guy who talents fit in the Colts defensive scheme.  Magee should be a good 1-gap defensive tackle.
62. Tennessee Titans – Sherrod Martin
CB/FS – Troy – 6’1’’ – 198 lbs
Martin has the ability to play either corner or safety.  He’s a nice player who should fit right in with the Titans defense.
63. Arizona Cardinals – Jamon Meredith
OT – South Carolina – 6’5’’ – 305 lbs
  The Cardinals need to address left tackle.  Meredith is a very good pass protector with very good potential.  He isn’t as physical as I like, but would be an upgrade over what I saw James Harrison running by in the Super Bowl.
 64. Pittsburgh Steelers – Duke Robinson  
OG – Oklahoma – 6’5” – 329 lbs
  The Steelers’ interior offensive line needs to be addressed.  Robinson is a massive guard who’s strong and dominant in the run game.

Best of the rest:

Derrick Williams – WR – Penn St. – 5’11” – 194 lbs
Coye Francies – CB – San Jose St. – 6’ – 185 lbs
Jared Cook – TE – South Carolina – 6’5’’ – 246 lbs
Paul Kruger – DE – Utah – 6’4” – 263 lbs
Sen’Derrick Marks – DT – Auburn – 6’2” – 306 lbs
Asher Allen – CB – Georgia – 5’9” – 194 lbs
Andy Levitre – OG – Oregon St. – 6’3” – 305 lbs
David Veikune – DE – Hawaii – 6’2” – 257 lbs

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  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    Interestig picks Justin. What I think is ironic is that your earlier editions featured Peria Jerry – who you’ve now dropped to late Round 1; Brace & English – both dropped to Round 2. Amazing how things evolve isn’t it?

    I can’t beieve Sammy Lee Hill’s stock has risen that much to a Round 2 – sucks.

    Great reasoning and I really wouldn’t be upset with this scenario. Would still like to see us switch with Philly for more picks – sure we’d lose Brown but maybe snag more D-line

  2. crease22 Says:

    Give up already on 2009 and trade down and trade some more for a pile of 2nd and 3rd round picks. Hope the brains and balls

  3. crease22 Says:

    Should be hope the brains and balls are there

  4. MTM Says:

    Grammatically challenged. If the Buc’s can get a really top player at there pick. They migh be able to use that for a few picks in the later rounds. But that’s a long shot. It a wants and needs thing.