Fans Wonder Why Bucs Are So Far Under Cap

April 11th, 2009
Joes confident Malcom Glazer wasnt smiling when his boys informed him how much their kickball team is in debt.

Joe's confident Malcom Glazer wasn't smiling when his boys informed him how much their kickball team is in debt.

It’s a common theme heard from Bucs fans on sports radio and in local watering holes: “Why are the Bucs so far under the salary cap?”

Here’s a good reason why: The kickball team in England the Glazer Boys own is absolutely swimming in red ink.

(Before some get wound up, please note Joe doesn’t hate soccer. Soccer players are wonderful athletes and generally soccer people are good people. Soccer just isn’t Joe’s cup of tea. Whenever Joe sees a soccer game on TV, he is reminded of a famous line from Norman Chad. “Watching soccer on TV is akin to watching an Easter egg hunt.”)

Something called, part of the Wall Street Journal family, reports that the Glazer Boys’ kickball team Manchester United’s “net debt rose to 649 million pounds from 606 million pounds. The results included a 69 million pounds of interest payments and a 35 million pound goodwill write-down.”

Joe pulled up a currency calculator converter on the internet and 649 million pounds came out to a cool $952,474,599.

That’s just a little shy of $1 billion (that’s “billion” with a B).

One Response to “Fans Wonder Why Bucs Are So Far Under Cap”

  1. MTM Says:

    It would be nice if the NFL had a policy. For owners that consistently stay way under there cap every year. Basically it would allow owners would have to be at least at 90% or better. Within the cap. If ownership stays under 90% for more than 2 years. The ownership has to be changed.
    This would help teams break out of bad ownership and get out of the NFL cellar.
    That way owners such as the Glazers woul not be able to cut back on one team. Just because another is bleeeding. They would either have to dump the Man Goo. Or the Buc’s.
    Either way there would be ownership that is obligated to spend money to bring there teams up to speed with the rest of the league.
    Hey. I can “dream” a little.