Derrick Brooks: “Convinced I’ll Play”

April 8th, 2009
"Hey, Dominik. My agent's phone is ringing. But you can still get through."

"Hey, Dominik. My agent's phone is ringing off the hook. But you can still get through."

Now Mr. Derrick Brooks is not one for giving revealing interviews. To say Brooks keeps things close to the vest is an understatement.

So Joe considers the interview Brooks gave his hometown Pensacola News-Journal Monday quite an opening up.

First, Joe must pat himself on the back. Brooks confirmed what Joe exclusively reported here two weeks ago, that the Bucs offered him a front office job.

The only uncertainty is where he might play next year. Brooks hasn’t ruled out the possibility of resigning with the Bucs, saying, “stranger things have happened.”

The Bucs have offered him a job in their front office, if he chooses retirement. Brooks has a master’s degree in business administration from FSU.

“I told (Bucs) we’ll get more serious about that when I decide to retire,” Brooks said. “But for them to extend that hand, it was very gracious.”

Brooks goes on to say that numerous teams have contacted his agent. From where Joe sits, it looks like Brooks may be, in part, waiting on the Bucs to come to their senses and make him an offer.

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