Carl Banks Not Impressed With Mark Dominik

April 8th, 2009

This morning on Sirius NFL Radio, former NFL linebacker Carl Banks, who is co-hosting “The Opening Drive” today with Ross Tucker, took Bucs general manager Mark Dominik apart for his obscene contract with Sgt. Winslow.

In short, Banks said if Winslow fails with the Bucs, this contract will be Dominik’s albatross and will ruin his career.

“This is one of those deals as a young general manager that you stick your career on,” Banks said. “If this does not work out, this will be his legacy. I can’t make an arguement that [Sgt. Winslow] is the best tight end in football because he’s done nothing on the field on a consistent basis and he’s been a distraction off the field. No disrespect to the young man’s ability but if he is not on the field…

“He had two years left [on his contract]. Why leverage yourself? Make him have a career year. It’s not like he is going anywhere this year. See how he plays.

“[Guarenteed $20 million], this is enabling him. Maybe [the Bucs] wanted to give him a contract to keep him happy? In the NFL that doesn’t always work out. In Cleveland the team stood by him when he was hurt he was still complaining.

“I don’t begrudge [Sgt. Winslow]. Get what you can. But he has not been on the football field enough to be the best tight end in football. He has not been on the field.

“This new staff and front office with the Bucs, this will be their legacy. It could be [the first] of a string of great decisions or a lynchpin of a series of bad choices they will have made in their tenure.

“It is a bit reckless with the owners’ pocketbook.”

Tucker suggested the signing was an expensive PR stunt by Dominik.

“I think they signed him to get positive news coming out of Tampa,” Tucker said. “[The Bucs] swung and missed on Albert Haynesworth. They swung and missed on Jay Cutler. ‘Hey, look at what we did.'”

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