Draft Guru Chucky Says Bucs Target D-Line

April 21st, 2009
Im smiling, but youre know Calvin Johnson son. If he were here, Jimminy Christmas, Id be on my third pair of underwear.

"I'm smiling, son, but you're no Calvin Johnson. If he were here, Jimminy Christmas, I'd be on my third pair of underwear."

Chucky decided to stop vacationing at the Ice Palace and various high school sporting events and let NFL owners around the league know he’s still out there evaluating talent.

Speaking to the media for NFL Network today, Chucky weighed in on the Bucs’ draft.

Chucky even decided to take the fall for the December to forget, reports Anwar Richardson of The Tampa Tribune. 

Although many draft experts project Tampa Bay will select Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman, Gruden believes the Bucs’ biggest area of concern is defensive line.

“I really think Tampa Bay lost some key players on defense and they struggled down the stretch last season on defense [finished 0-4 in December],” Gruden said. “Let’s be honest. For whatever reason, and most of that obviously was the head coach’s inability to get it going.

“Kevin Carter [free agent] is still out there. I think Greg White, Stylez White, he obviously had a disappointing sophomore season. This is a big year for Gaines Adams in a new scheme. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do target a defensive end.”

Of course, Chucky makes sense here. But Joe has to laugh. Of course, Gruden wouldn’t be on the Josh Freeman bandwagon, the Bucs have three of his hand-picked quarterback gems signed and ready for minicamp.

Joe will spare you all tonight from taking shots at Anwar Richardson for mentioning the Freeman bandwagon.

2 Responses to “Draft Guru Chucky Says Bucs Target D-Line”

  1. MTM Says:

    Frame that shot and put it with the rest of the draft busts.

  2. AKF Says:

    Why do we care what Chucky thinks we should do? He’s such a great evaluator of talent, right? Leave it alone Tribune. Makes me glad that I canceled my delivery of that rag when they have to dig up stories like this. I’m a season ticket holder looking forward to the season with a “fresh look” on things!