Bucs Go Secondary In First Round?

April 17th, 2009

Though it’s pretty obvious the Bucs need help on the defensive front, few people Joe has read or spoken with mention the Bucs will draft a defensive back in the first round.

But Vacation Man of BSPN.com is taking a bold step away from the norm. In discussing who he thinks NFC South teams will draft on his blog, Vacation Man, when discussing Todd McShay’s guess that the Bucs will select Mississippi defensive tackle Peria Jerry, makes a bold statement:

The Bucs will draft Vontae Davis of Illinois.

[Picking Jerry is] possible, but I don’t think Jerry is the big defensive tackle the Bucs are looking for. I could see them going after Georgia Tech defensive end Michael Johnson. But I’m thinking Raheem Morris is a former defensive backs coach. Right now, my guess is cornerback Vontae Davis.

Joe had a double-take when he read this. Joe isn’t suggesting Vacation Man is off the mark. There’s no question the Bucs aren’t nearly as deep in the secondary as they were last year with the exodus of Phillip Buchanon and Jermaine Phillips moving to linebacker.

If the Bucs do draft Davis, it certainly will be using the “best available player” logic.

One Response to “Bucs Go Secondary In First Round?”

  1. dave Says:

    At least Vacation Man realizes we no longer play the Cover2/Tampa2 defense. Most are oblivious to the fact that we employ a totally different defense.