Bucs A Leader For Cutler

April 1st, 2009

Don Banks of SI.com, and a former Bucs beat writer, penned a column this afternoon and claims only one team has a better chance than the Bucs at landing the services of disgruntled Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler.

The Bucs are in a similar situation to the Jets, with only Luke McCown, Brian Griese and Josh Johnson at quarterback. We know they want Cutler because they wanted him a month ago. The Bucs have never been shy about shipping away first-round picks, giving up two No. 1’s and two No. 2’s for Jon Gruden in 2002, and two No. 1’s for Keyshawn Johnson in 2000. So their No. 19 pick this year is likely a given in any deal, but after that, I’d be very careful if I were the Bucs. If the price tag for Cutler ends up being this year’s No. 1 and next year’s No. 1, that’s too steep. It took Tampa Bay a long time to overcome the loss of so many valuable picks after the Gruden deal, and they’d be wise to not re-dig that hole.

Motivation meter: 9.0.

Joe isn’t so sure about this. Unless the Bucs pull off a three-way deal with another team, Joe doesn’t think the Bucs have enough collateral to pull off this trade.

Wait a minute? Joe thought the Glazer Boys wanted to build through the draft?

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