Buchanon “Cost Too Much Blood”

April 1st, 2009

Joe was amused to hear a Bucs fan call Sirius NFL Radio this morning to both kvetch about the Bucs not re-signing cornerback Phillip Buchanon and to find out what the Bucs are doing defensively from “The Opening Drive” co-hosts Randy Cross and Peter King. The fan was outraged the Bucs let Buchanon walk “but kept that bum [Michael] Clayton.”

The caller thought it would have been better if not cheaper for the Bucs to keep Buchanon and let Ronde Barber walk.

Both Cross and King explained the Bucs’ decision and gave listeners a quick glimpse into the near future.

Raheem The Dream “is trying to get them to play a much more physically tough defense,” Cross said. In the draft “I think they are going big time on the defensive side. Ronde still has the ability to make plays, to make an interception, to make a big play. That’s why he’s still there.

“Don’t expect this new regime to be all warm and fuzzy. They are not out to make friends.”

King suggested the Bucs wanted to keep Buchanon.

“I think they liked Buchanon but at the end of the day he cost too much blood,” King said. “They liked him for a second or a third corner. Aqib Talib was coming on strong. Buchanon might have been a nickel back. Detroit paid him $4 million a year. That’s all you need to know. That was too much for the Bucs.”

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