Ask the Commissioner; Win Courtside Grille Grub

April 22nd, 2009
Joe wonders what else is on the naughty mind of Roger Goodells too cute wife.

Joe wonders what else is on the naughty mind of Roger Goodell's too cute wife.

Today at 2 p.m., Roger Goodell will field questions from NFL fans in a live chat on And you could win a $20 gift card from Courtside Grille as a result.

Joe is issuing a challenge to readers: Pepper Goodell with questions about his way cute wife who seems to have a dirty mind. She is Jane Skinner, one of the many Fox News hotties.

Your question of Mrs. Goodell can be submitted to her husband at this link prior to the live chat.

If you can get a question through to Goodell asking about his wife’s PG-rated vocabulary, Joe will reward you. Joe has eaten and drank at Courtside Grille and can assure you the food is top notch, the drinks quite cold, the clientele impressive and the staff overly friendly.

In short, Courtside Grille, with convenient locations in both Tampa and St. Petersburg, is a great choice for your dining and drinking needs. Joe would highly recommend this place, even if Courtside Grille wasn’t a proud sponsor of Joe’s superior NFL Draft coverage, led by WDAE-AM’s Justin Pawlowski.

Now, for evidence of what lurks in the pretty little head of Mrs. Goodell:

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