No Training Camp At Disney? No Problem

March 13th, 2009

Joe must make a confession: He’s never been to Disney. Ever. Unless one calls the BSPNZone “Disney.” If that is true, then, yes, Joe has been to Disney.

Joe’s not an amusement park kinda guy. It’s not cool to pound beers and then wait in line for an eternity in 90 degree weather just so he can hurl on the 50ish woman in front of him holding hands with a bawling kid after walking off some dizzying ride.

Additionally, Joe once covered an NFL training camp in the midst of a (just as bad as Florida) hot and ghastly humid Illinois summer amid the cornfields. It bored Joe to death, mainly because the NFL team Joe covered ran drills exactly like Joe’s high school team which gave Joe terrible flashbacks of two-a-days and muscles so sore Joe could hardly walk.

So it has always confused Joe why so many Bucs fans make the pilgrimmage to the House of Mouse. It’s a combination of horrid Snorlando traffic, not so great weather, no beer and painfully redundant drills with blocking sleds and blocking pads.

No thanks.

But for Bucs fans that enjoyed Mouseland, Joe has to repeat some depressing news: The Bucs will no longer hold training camp at Disney.

Instead, training camp will be at One Buc Palace, per Chris Harry of the Orlando Sentinel.

But details on how the Bucs will be able move and seat the hundreds of fans that attend training two-a-day camp workouts will be hammered out over the next few months. Team officials also will have to find a nearby hotel to house players.

Joe’s not sure what to think about this. In some respects Joe suspects it’s a good thing in that it should save the Bucs all sorts of cash. But then again, how many fans will be allowed in the place?

And there was also something sentimental about having an NFL team take over a hotel or a school’s dorm for a few weeks of the summer. Those days are vanishing just like spring baseball in Florida: slowly but surely.


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