Joe Meets Chucky; Chucky (Still) Won’t Talk

March 13th, 2009
Though Chucky refused to talk to Joe on the record Thursday, Joe understands that Chucky wasnt completely flipping him off.

Though Chucky refused to talk to Joe on the record Thursday, Joe understands that Chucky wasn't completely flipping him off.

As Joe has documented in recent weeks since Chucky was fired by the Glazer Boys, Joe has attempted to contact Chucky for an interview if not a series of stories. Joe even went so far as to offer to make a sizable donation to All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg in return for a brief interview.

Despite Joe sending the offer to Chucky at his residence via certified mail, Chucky blew off Joe.

So, being the intrepid reporter Joe is, he has stayed hot on Chucky’s trail. Wednesday night, Joe conveniently bumped into Chucky at one of his son’s sporting events in Tampa.

Joe must be candid: Chucky was quite kind to Joe and if they were together at one of Chucky’s favorite chicken wing joints, Joe thinks Chucky would have shared a beer or two with him.

Joe and Chucky chatted about his good friend, Seminole High School football coach Sam Roper, and Chucky’s sons.

But when Joe tried to ask Chucky a few questions on the record about the NFL combine which Chucky covered for the NFL Network, Joe was very quickly shut down.

“No, man, I’m not making any comments, I’m on vacation,” Chucky said with a big grin on his face.

Joe tried once again to coerce Chucky into talking about specific players in next month’s NFL draft promising Chucky he wasn’t going to ask him about the Bucs (this time), but Chucky politely refused saying he was making no comments and just wanted to get ready to watch his son.

Fair enough. Chucky joked around with Joe and was quite polite to him. If a man doesn’t want to talk, he doesn’t want to talk. Joe wasn’t going to press the issue.

But Chucky should realize by now Joe doesn’t easily give up. Chucky still lives in the Tampa Bay area and Joe still has his blog.

Joe knows where to find you, Chucky.

2 Responses to “Joe Meets Chucky; Chucky (Still) Won’t Talk”

  1. John Says:

    I like the blog but I must tell you that the Joe referring to himself in the third person bit has made it so difficult to read that it affects how often I visit.

    I also think that if you’re going to impugn someone’s credibility for not citing sources, as you do with Pittsburgh’s Mr. No Source, you ought to pony up and sign your name to what you write.

    Is “Joe” one person? Several people taking turns writing as Joe? Or one person writing to reflect the collective thoughts of two ore more people?

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    John, thanks for being a regular here at

    “Joe” is a two-headed monster (sometimes three). Our names been on the site previously. And we are heard weekly using our real names on various sports radio stations. Florida Trend magazine also did a short feature on us recently.

    We liked the whole third-person thing and have decided to stick with it. We’re willing to live with it annoying a small percentage of people. One of these days we’ll take snappy pictures of ourselves and put them in the About page with fancy bios. But we’re really not here to be celebrities.

    To correct you, nobody came after Mr. No Source’s credibility. We just simply put it out there that it’s not responsible journalism. You’ll notice that EVERYTHING you read here at has a source attached to it. …We have fun and take our shots, but our credibility will not be compromised and we like to hold our brethren in the sports world to the same standard.

    Thanks again. And we’ll be happy to answer any follow-up questions. Or should I say Joe will answer them.