THE PESSIMIST: Where’s The Focus Group Now?

March 3rd, 2009

Glazer cares about fans as often as THE PESSMIST services Pam Anderson

Screw Bill O’Reilly. The spin stops with THE PESSIMIST.

Having time to reflect and vomit repeatedly after the needless, foolish cutting of Derrick Brooks, THE PESSIMIST now wonders how the Glazers infamous focus group of fans felt about the decision.

You remember, those are the diehards the Glazer Boys consulted before they fired Chucky. Gosh, those Glazers cared so deeply about the pulse of the fans they sought average-Joe input on the fate of the head coach.

Surely, the Glazer Boys consulted these same fans before cutting the face of the franchise, Derrick Brooks.

In case you don’t get it by now, these fans don’t exist, unless you count the handful of the Glazers Boys’ friends, relatives, Yes men and servants.

4 Responses to “THE PESSIMIST: Where’s The Focus Group Now?”

  1. JK Says:

    Joe, I would say that’s exactly how they decided to go in another direction. A popularity contest. That’s all it was. Oh, and by the way, how many millions did they pocket. That’s right. I almost forgot. It’s so we have all that cap space to sign all the big name free agents out there. So far it’s one, if you want to call him a BIG NAME. I hope he doesn’t bring that staff infection with him and contaminate One Buc place. The only coach that had any chance of keeping him under control got the ax. I almost forgot. We got Clayton. That’s great. Without Gruden to knock the ball out of his hand, he should have at least a hundred receptions next year. He’s also going to lead in the locker room. From team leader Brooks to Clayton overnight, now that’s going in a different direction. Which direction are we headed? The boys never told us that.

  2. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hey JK what do you say about the signing of Derrick Ward?

    Oh that’s right you’re just like the rest of the boo hoo complaining about EVERYTHING the Bucs do fans.

    I find it funny how everyone wants to make as much $$$ as possible YET when it’s not their money to spend in free agency they want to sign unreliable part-time players like Haynesworth.

    Hey JK do you work for Washington too?

  3. Chris Says:

    So far the Bucs are sitting at a grade of D-/F in offseason.

    I’m not a hater, IT’S THE TRUTH!

    Looks like were reverting to the 80’s Bucs with Mr. C behind the paychecks.

    If we win 8 games next year I will be totally SHOCKED!

  4. Mr Lucky Says:

    The Bucs are getting a grade of D-/F in the offseason? Why?

    They re-signed Antonio Bryant to keep the WR position stable. The re-signed Michael Clayton with you may/may-not agree with and they are looking at attitional WR’s – more to come.

    They upgraded at TE with Winslow

    They upgraded at RB with Derrick Ward. With Ward & Graham we could see a resurgence in the ground game like in 1999-2000 (remember WD40)

    At the QB position there is discussion about getting Cutler but giving the reins over to Luke

    The Bucs were in the bidding for Haynesworth but lost out (don’t they get something for trying?)

    What I want to know is what would YOU have the Bucs do for a grade of A in the offseason?

    Oh wait I know

    You want to bring back Dungy for coach, Monte for D, Resign Trent Dilfer, bring back Brad Culpeper, Sapp & Lynch not to mention Brooks too right?

    Yeah those 10-7 games were something to watch.