Circle The Calendar: March 16

March 3rd, 2009

If Jay Culter skips the Broncos' next voluntary workout, the Denver Post reports he could go on the trading block again

The thought of Jay Cutler possibly being the Bucs starting quarterback has Joe dizzy with excitment. The kid is big, strong, mobile, crafty and has proven a lot for a 25 year old.

Just the thought is almost enough to soothe the pain of Carmella leaving town. So Joe just doesn’t want to let go of the possibility.

And it seems the new Broncos regime, under head coach Josh McDaniel, might be imploding, as Cutler is very upset, according to many stories in the Denver Post.

The latest in the soap opera has Cutler in Nashville now stewing over the slap in the face of being on the trade market. Denver Post beat writer Mike Kils says if Cutler doesn’t show up for the next workout session, the controversy could boil over and trade talks could heat up.

The next key date for the quarterback-coach issue might be March 16, when Broncos players are scheduled to begin their “voluntary” offseason workout program. If Cutler shows up and personally meets with Mc- Daniels, they could work on healing a fractured relationship.

If Cutler doesn’t show up, the controversy will rage. This scenario could again lead the Broncos to consider trading away the player who has widely been described as their franchise quarterback the past three seasons. Cutler, 25, was named to his first Pro Bowl last season.

Joe would trade two No. 1 picks for Cutler. Maybe more. Regardless, the Bucs might get another crack at Cutler in two weeks.

[UPDATE: Adam Schefter of reports Broncos coach Josh McDaniels has stated Cutler will not be traded.]

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  1. Chris Says:

    Save the franchise now…kidnap JAY CUTLER!