The Mysterious Fourth Quarterback

March 30th, 2009
Jeff George claims hes healthy and chomping at the bit to compete for a QB job

Jeff George claims he's healthy and chomping at the bit to compete for a QB job

We don’t know him, but his future bosses say he’ll be in Tampa and ready for training camp.

He’s Mr. Fourth Quarterback Guy, who Jeff Jagodzinski and Raheem The Dream keep telling us will arrive from the shadows to compete for the Bucs’ starting job.

The Dream reminded us again of this fiery, competitive mystery man on Sunday, through the St. Pete Times.

The Bucs will monitor the Jay Cutler situation, and there’s a chance the Broncos could trade him closer to draft day. Short of that, the Bucs will wait to see which veterans might get whacked after the draft.

“You’re just looking for the most competitive guy, the one that’s going to come in and create the most competition whether he’s the Day 1 starter or whether he’s a Week 6 or Week 16 starter,” Morris said.

Thank you, Dream. Now we’ve learned even more about Mr. Fourth Quarterback Guy; he’s just got to be “the most competitive guy.” So it’s all about competition.

Sure sounds like Jeff Garcia is a good fit. Oh, that’s right, the Bucs are going in a different direction. Jeff George, perhaps?  He can stay in the pocket and throw deep, and he’s dying to compete, so he’s telling everyone.

Joe is getting a little confused by all of this.

Last week, Tampa Tribune Bucs beat writer Anwar Richardson said on ESPN 1040 AM that Luke McCown and teammates already have been advised that McCown will get a two-year window to prove himself.

Is there going to be a competition or not? 

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