MMA Meets The NFL

March 30th, 2009
Who would have those these two guys would be out of a job within a few short weeks?

Who would have thought these two guys would be out of a job within a few short weeks?

Clark Judge, not to be confused with Mike Judge or even Matt Drudge, writing for, pens an article on the Bucs that describes what the team needs to be competitive in 2009.

To Joe’s surprise, Judge claims the Bucs’ defense will be geared toward MMA.

There is change everywhere in Tampa Bay. The head coach is new. The general manager is new. The players are new. Even the defense is new.

That’s right, say goodbye to the Tampa Two and say hello to Mixed Martial Arts.

“It’s about us becoming who we want to become,” new Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris said at the NFL owners’ meetings. “And that’s more physical and more violent because the more violent team always wins.”

He pointed to last year’s Pittsburgh Steelers, and he was right. He cited the 2007 New York Giants, and he was right. But does anybody think the 2006 Indianapolis Colts were more violent than Chicago? Hey, two out of three will take you far in the NFL.

Joe likes what Raheem The Dream says about how tough he wants the Bucs, but it’s hard for Joe to see with a weak defensive front and a porous linebacking unit how the Bucs are going to stop too many opponents.

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