The Mind Of Mark Dominik

March 4th, 2009

In recent days, Joe has grown beyond frustrated trying to figure out the brainwaves of Bucs general manager Mark Dominik (or for that matter, the venacular of Raheem The Dream).

Joe has become so dizzy with Dominik’s moves, he can sympathize with whatever is whirling around in this poor pooch’s mind.

4 Responses to “The Mind Of Mark Dominik”

  1. Chris Says:

    LOL! Shhhh… let him keep DREAMING!!!

  2. crease22 Says:

    This site freaking cracks me up all day, which isn’t easy considering how much I hate my job

  3. Chris Says:

    Crease, that is the comment of the offseason thus far!

    Best term: Face Stomper.

  4. Kris Says:

    lets review this plan by these 2 dimwitted jack-a**es and the Glazers so far: fire our coach and gm after all other top coaching candidates are gone
    hire 2 inexperienced people at those positions,inc. a coach who was just promoted to Def Cord 1 MONTH AGO
    cut 2 Vet WR,cut a 1000 total yrd rb w/a 7ypc avg,
    Trade a 2nd and 5th rd for a oft-injured problamatic TE(winslow)
    Sign a RB who has never been a F.T back (Ward)
    Dont go after a WR who had 90 catches w/a high school qb(T.J.) but target a 3rd-4th string WR who you lose to the titans
    Resign a WR who cant catch a cold(Clayton)
    offer a 2yr deal to an even worse person of a TE(Stevens)
    let our top saftey test the F/A market even though you have $60m in cap room
    lose our #2 CB to the FREAKIN LIONS(buchanon)

    What plan from hell is this? How to lose your fans in 10 days? How to become the clippers of the nfl? Go ahead and slurp at the altar of Morris and Duminick, Im sure they will get a pass. At this point id rather see Mercury Morris running things