State Of The Franchise

March 31st, 2009
NFL Network analyst Marshall Fault is not much of a fan of Bucs projected starting quarterback Luke McCown.

NFL Network analyst Marshall Faulk is not much of a fan of Luke McCown.

NFL Network has a feature with former Bucs great Warren Sapp and Marshall Faulk where they discuss the state of the Bucs.

Sapp seems to think Raheem The Dream will do fine as Bucs coach. But Sapp was far less enthusiastic about the Bucs’ defense, scolding them for sloppy tackling and little run-gap responsibility.

Faulk was somewhat critical of the Bucs’ quarterback position claiming it’s a franchise tradition to have lousy quarterbacks.

Charles Davis also breaks down the Bucs’ needs in the draft and makes a prediction for the Bucs’ first round pick (hint: think Penn State).

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