Son Of Bob MIA; Joe Crosses Fingers

March 28th, 2009
Son of Bob has not been seen at One Buc Palace during the offseason. Joe hopes that a harbinger of his release.

Son of Bob has not been seen at One Buc Palace during the offseason. Joe hopes that's a harbinger of his release.

Joe has documented in great detail what an unmitigated stiff Son of Bob is and that he’s been living off of his old man’s name far too long.

If recent days at One Buc Palace is any indication, Joe may be ready to pop the cork on a bottle of champagne. Tom Korun of WFTS-TV writes on his station’s website that Son of Bob has been nowhere to be found at One Buc Palace this offseason.

According to young Bucs QB Josh Johnson, veteran Brian Griese hasn’t posted yet during off-season workouts.

Normally, I would say no big deal considering Griese is one of the most intelligent QB’s in the league, and he knows every detail of the offense.

However, last time I checked, Jon Gruden’s offense is not in the Bucs official playbook this season. Jeff Jagodzinski’s new system is now in place.

Not to say that Griese wouldn’t pick this offense up quick. From what we hear, JJ’s “O” is far less complicated than his predecessor’s.

But not to show up at all? There must be a good reason.

Joe hopes Korun is right on the mark: That Son of Bob is about to be turned loose.

Look, Joe has nothing personal against Son of Bob. For all Joe knows the guy is a standup fellow. But this is football and this is business and this walking interception is taking up a valuable position on the Bucs roster.

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