Enough With The Spin!!!

March 26th, 2009

The spin coming out of the mouths of the Glazers Boys and Raheem The Dream is so out of control it would make John Podesta’s face blush. It’s enough to make Joe sick.

First, The Dream allegedly tells his players that quarterback Luke McCown will be given ample time to prove his worth.

Joe would like to know if this message was delivered by The Dream before or after the Bucs tried to trade for Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler?

Then The Dream claims he is content if not happy with his defensive front.

Did he come to this conclusion before or after the Bucs failed to sign defensive tackle and free agent Albert Haynesworth?

Then the Glazer Boys say they are happy to return to building through the draft.

This after the Bucs tried to sign Haynesworth, signed a free agent running back and traded a second round pick for a guy with not much better motorcycle skills than knees. Oh yeah, the Glazers Boys would have swapped a first round pick had they been able to close the deal on acquiring Cutler.

Listening to too much spin from the Bucs braintrust is not healthy. Joe has evidence to that fact: Joe has come upon confidential video of one of the Glazer Boys’ pet dogs.

2 Responses to “Enough With The Spin!!!”

  1. dave Says:

    You think this site is gonna work by posting this negative CRAP everyday?
    This site sucks worse than it did, when I last visited 6months ago. Actually turned a friend on to this site, and he told me it was horrible, so I thought I’d check it out again, and yes, it’s HORRIBLE! Definitely, NOT as site for Buccaneer fans.

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Thanks for coming back Dave. And thanks for referring a friend. In the more than 1,400 pieces of news and commentary posted here on JoeBucsFan.com over the past eight months, we’ve treated our readers to positive and negative opinions. Usually, this is called balanced journalism. The founders of JoeBucsFan.com love the Bucs and wish nothing but victory and success for the team.