Dream Should Just Smile And Stop Talking

March 26th, 2009
Joe advises Raheem The Dream to just smile and say little until the season starts

Joe advises Raheem The Dream to just smile and say little until the season starts

It’s tempting to rip Raheem The Dream for many of the non-sensical things he’s been saying. His logic rarely jibes with his actions.

But Joe is not going to take big whacks at The Dream. Not now anyway. The reality is the guy has yet to coach a game.

Though Dream really needs to talk less, or at least master the art of meaningless coachspeak.

His comments about Ronde Barber in the Tampa Tribune are real headscratchers.

“He’s staying because he touches the ball and he scores touchdowns,” Morris said on the final day of the NFL owners’ meetings. “I don’t know any corner in this league that scores more touchdowns than Ronde Barber. I’ve seen him do it in bump, Cover 2, I’ve seen him blitz and pressure the quarterback. He’s got some juice left. At the end of the season, the two guys leading the team in picks were Ronde and Aqib Talib – two ends of the spectrum. That’s why Ronde’s here.”

By this logic for keeping Ronde Barber, surely Ike Hilliard was a natural to stay on the Bucs. A year younger than Barber, Hilliard had four touchdowns last year to Barber’s one.

And Hilliard still “had some juice left.”

 Not only did he recover quickly from a concussion suffered against Seattle, Hilliard caught 47 balls and was perhaps statistically the most reliable wide receiver in the NFL last year.

According to the stats geeks at FootballOutsiders.com, Hilliard led the NFL in “catch rate” for players who had more than 50 balls thrown their way. Hilliard caught 81 percent of those passes.

If Joe had a chance to advise Morris, he’d tell him to say little and just smile until his Week 1 post-game news conference.

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