Dominik Has Chance To Correct Mistake

March 11th, 2009
"Yo, Dream, Dominik. Forgive and forget baby. I'm ready."

"Yo Dream, Dominik. Forgive and forget baby. I'm ready."

Yesterday, Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times inferred that former Bucs great (Joe still has a tough time typing that) Derrick Brooks has left the door open to return to the Bucs for his final NFL season, based on conversations with Brooks and his agent, Roosevelt Barnes.

“All 32 teams I’m entertaining, including our own,” Brooks said. “If something happens and [the Bucs] call me, I’ll consider that. Most people think once a team cuts you, you want nothing to do with them. But if they called, I would listen to what they have to say.”

This is a no-brainer Mark Dominik: Pick up the phone and call him!

By any measure, the Bucs’ linebackers are a weakness, maybe the weakest link on the team thanks to Dominik’s moves of cutting Cato June and Brooks.

Before the cuts, sure, the Bucs weren’t strong there but there weren’t gaping holes either. And it’s not as if Dominik stocked up on linebackers (thus far) in free agency.

Some suggest the Bucs need linebackers worse than defensive tackles.

Do the right (and smart) thing Dominik: Call Brooks. Get him back in the fold. Not only do the Bucs need linebackers, bringing Brooks back for his final NFL season will go a long way to repaing a lot of damage you did by cutting him and June.

Joe isn’t saying Brooks was his Hall of Fame self last year nor that June was an All Pro. But there’s no convincing Joe there are linebackers on the market who are as good as those two.

Swallow your pride Dominik and admit your mistake. Bucs fans — including Joe — will forgive you.

One Response to “Dominik Has Chance To Correct Mistake”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    While I believe Derrick’s “best days” are behind him I think that Derrick has enough gas left in the tank for a final season – WITH THE BUCS!

    It will just be in a different role than he’s used to: relief/platooning.

    If Derrick agress to playing alternating series or coming out while in the Dime package it would work.

    Yes I remember Derrick coming up lame watching the Raiders run away with the Bucs playoff hopes but in a part-time role it WOULD WORK. The leadership value alone is worth a roster position

    I agree with you Joe; Dominik PLEASE re-sign Derrick for 2009. He won’t be a Brett Farve sideshow and the “kids” will gain a lot. Heck I’ll even forgive you for re-signing Jeremy Stevens if you brink Derrick back!