Culter Believes He’ll Be Traded

March 11th, 2009
Jay Cutler may be back on the market for the Bucs soon

Jay Cutler may be back on the market for the Bucs soon

Almost-traded-to-the-Bucs quarterback Jay Cutler had a scheduled make-nice session with the Broncos on Monday, and reports from the Denver Post say it didn’t go well.

According to an NFL source, Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler came away from a conference call with team officials Monday believing that for the right deal, he would be traded between now and the NFL draft, which begins April 25.

Joe gave you a heads-up last week that Cutler’s judgement day was coming March 16. That’s the date of the Broncos’ next voluntary workout.

Now it looks to Joe that Cutler’s comments show he’s trying to force a trade.

Cutler said the meeting didn’t go as hoped, according to the NFL source, adding that McDaniels reiterated no one is untradable for the sake of improving the team and that the quarterback was expected to report for the team’s offseason conditioning program that begins Monday. Offseason conditioning workouts are — by de-finition — “voluntary,” but players understand coaches expect them to attend.

According to the source close to the Broncos, McDan-iels said only that the team looked forward to seeing Cutler on Monday.

Thus, the next stage in this McJaygate drama

Joe hopes Mark Dominik keeps his cell phone charged. Scoring Cutler would be a tremendous pickup for the Bucs.

Sure, the Bucs have major holes on defense, but landing a Pro Bowl young QB is more important than beefing up the defense.

3 Responses to “Culter Believes He’ll Be Traded”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    Joe I didn’t respond to the Poll regarding Cutler because I don’t like any of the choices. Giving up our 1st & 3rd for Jay is a MAJOR risk because with #2 gone the Buc’s would have to wait until round 4 to take some DT/LB/
    DE – which is what they’re counting on.

    I don’t dislike the idea of bringing Cutler on board but how about a 3rd round, Alex Smith/Jeremy Stevens and a gallon of Jack Daniels instead?

    I still want to see Peria Jerry with a Bucs cap come draft day!

  2. Sargeant Mike Says:

    Well said. I didn’t like the choices either. Don’t want to kill us in the draft market again. That’s was what hurt gruden is that we gave up the farm for him and he could not reload properly thus our team got a little long in the tooth with no picks and veteran free agents the only option. I certainly would do almost anything to get cutler but not sell out the future.

  3. Eric Says:

    a first and a third for cutler would be a gift from the broncos. this is the best young (repeat: young) quarterback in the league, hands down. hands f-ing down. easy call. two firsts is a lot but even that is something to consider.