McCown Talks Bucs Offense

February 15th, 2009

Bucs quarterback Luke McCown was a guest on Sirius NFL Radio recently with the interview rebroadcast Saturday. Sadly, Joe missed most of it but did pick up on a few interesting things McCown had to say about the Bucs offense under new offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski.

“The new offense will be a hybrid-West Coast offense with more of an emphasis on throwing the ball downfield with a lot of play action.”

Joe is somewhat glad to read this. Though Joe was hopeful the Bucs would scrap the West Coast offense, it’s good to hear the Bucs will not rely on the dink-and-dunk passing any longer.

“There will also be a lot less verbiage. The playbook is getting pared down.”

Joe doesn’t know what to make of this but he assumes there will be less delay of game penalties as a result, which of course is a good thing.

One Response to “McCown Talks Bucs Offense”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Can someone please explain what a hybrid-West-Coast offense means EXACTLY? I thought that’s what Chucky was SUPPOSED to be running.

    The West Coast offense requires a quarterback who throws extremely accurately, and often blindly, very close to opposing players. In addition, it requires the quarterback to be able quickly to pick one of 5 receivers to throw to — much more quickly than previously used systems. Often, the quarterback cannot think about the play, but instead reacts instinctively — and thus is often under the control of the offensive coordinator, calling the plays for him.

    Unfortunately the Bucs don’t have a starting QB with a career QB rating of 75.2

    In addition their receiving core consists of six WR’s only one has over 1,000 yards. Of the remaining WR & RB none have 500 yards or more.

    So to say you’re going to run a hybrid-West-Coast offense with an emphasis on throwing downfield and play action how do you plan on accomplishing that?

    Remember this – the Bucs didn’t even have a 1,000 yard rushing RB in 2008. In fact the Bucs didn’t have a RB that went all 16 games! Their 2nd best rusher went out on IR and their 3rd best rusher is out with a torn patellar in the other knee. Unless you get a bonafide RB (Edgerrin James or Cedric Benson) I don’t really think teams will be falling for much play action.

    As for throwing the ball down field where’s the threat going to come from? Bryant maybe but he is signed yet. Galloway – he’s nothing more than a situational player who has shown he can’t stay healthy enough to be counted upon. Somehow I don’t think Clayton or Hillard are scaring too many safeties with a deep ball threat.

    So once again can someone please tell me what and how the Bucs intend to run a “hybrid West Coast offense”?

    Personally I would like see the Bucs SIMPLIFY their offense – cut down the number of shifts and better execution. Just look at how Atlanta performed with a rookie QB but I digress.