Dumping Brian Griese An Absolute Must

February 14th, 2009

"Brian, I love you, bro. But I'm not here to love you anymore."

Joe is waiting somewhat patiently for Mark Dominik and Raheem The Dream to trade or release Brian Griese. Maybe they can get back the 2009 sixth round pick the Bucs gave the Bears for him last year.

There is absolutely no reason to have Son of Bob on the roster in 2009. None.  

And Joe is nervous and perplexed because the MSM and sports radio talking heads are acting as if Griese will return. It’s almost as if that seems OK with them.

Talk about treating the new regime with kid gloves. 

Can we not do better for a backup quarterback?  Son of Bob cost the Bucs $4.2 million in 2008, according to USA Today.

Surely, there is a No. 2 QB with at least some potential available. And one that costs as much or less than Griese.

The Bucs need a No. 2 QB with upside. If Luke McCown is the starter, absolutely nobody knows whether he is durable or not. Plus McCown likes to run the ball, which will expose him to more hits than most.

Maybe jeff Garcia would be willing to come in specifically (key word: specifically) as a backup to McCown. Garcia accepted the reserve role in Philly three years ago for $1.3 million. There’s no reason to think he wouldn’t do it again, especially at age 39.

Garcia has earned more than $37 million over the past seven years. He’s not broke and might be happy to come back to Tampa for, say, $2 million.

There’s no way Jeff Jagodzinski and The Dream are going to name Son of Bob the opening day starter, and there’s no way the Bucs go anywhere, or accomplish anything for the future, with Griese playing significant minutes. And since Son of Bob will never start, shouldn’t the Bucs bring somebody in to truly compete with McCown? Isn’t that healthy?

Let Joe be the first in 2009 to say Griese needs to be 100 percent out of town. The sooner the better.

17 Responses to “Dumping Brian Griese An Absolute Must”

  1. Sargeant Mike Says:

    I don’t agree. While it it is a rather steep price for a backup we could do a lot worse than Griese. Having a backup who can win games for your team 3-5 at a time before getting hurt can be crucial and Griese knows his place in the scheme of things and he doesn’t make a fuss like your boy Garcia when stuff doesn’t go his way. There is an aweful lot of Griese bashing going around T-town but all he has done is win for Tampa off the bench. He is just prone to injury. He is only good for about 5 games a year (just enough to get your starter healed from a minor injury). Ask him to take a pay cut and keep him around I say.

  2. tacher Says:

    The Bucs need to decide if they are playing for the future or playing for now or the balance of all that. J. P. Losman is out there and so is Lefwich. These are guys that can thrwo the ball down teh field and might benefit from a change in scenery. Garcia is way better than Griese and he makes sense as a possible backup/mentor.

  3. GS Says:

    Griese is too expensive at 4.5 million. I agree with Joe, Son of Bob needs to go. Unless he takes paycut to adjust his pay commiserate with backup QBs in the league.

  4. GS Says:

    I agree Joe, Son of Bob needs to go.

  5. Sargeant Mike Says:

    Balogney, the only thing that garcia could do better was scramble. At least griese had an arm to throw it downfield. If our young offensive line plays to its potential griese isn’t hurt. Griese has a much better arm and much better accuracy. He just needs the players to make there own plays and he’s not a cry baby. Boy am I tired of all you garcia apologist. Goodriddence garcia now the bucs are required to step up and get a real quarterback and griese can be an excellent mentor because he’s not a friggen crybaby when he’s not the starter. Garcia would be nothing more than a distraction to the development of any QB because he could never be a mentor type backup nor would he be content in that role. His mentality was great when he still was in his prime but not now. If they love him that much make him a QB’s coach or offensive asst. NOT A PLAYER, he’s finished! Get over it!

  6. Sargeant Mike Says:

    His salary next year is actually closer to about 1.8 mil w/ 300k roster bonus, and while a little steep for a backup its still not that far off of what you will have to pay for a backup of his quality. If you think you can get a quality backup for half that your just kidding yourself. I’m talking about a proven starter. Leave the cheapies for #3 or #4 QB. If the bucs decide to draft a QB as they are not fully sold on McCown then you REALLY have to have a solid veteran and leftwich, losman and a lot of others are definitely bigger never has beens than Griese. I don’t love griese by any means but he’s here and under contract, let’s worry about other much more pressing issues. Have you seen the list of bums available any of the decent QB’s will probably cost you not to much less than Griese and who knows what kind of chemistry they might have. nuff said

  7. JK Says:

    It doesn’t matter who the quarterback is next year. It’s bargain shopping for the Glazers again this year. They know no matter what happens this year the quarterback will get the blame. That’s the way Tampa fans think since they came into the league. The media won’t right away admit they made a mistake by running Gruden out of town so they will turn on who ever is quarterback. They always do. Look at all the other quarterbacks they’ve run out of town over the years. Doug Williams wins a Super Bowl with someone else and comes back to the Bucs to work after his career. Talk about sad. I will also predict the cap money doesn’t change that much when all is said and done.

  8. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe don’t get your panties all wound up. Since WHEN do you care about how much players are getting?

    Yeah Bob got a COMBINED salary of 4.25 mil last year but he only counted as 1.75 mil against the salary cap and THAT is more important.

    Now forgetting about salary for a moment let’s see WHY your reasoning about running Griese out of town is WRONG.

    1. The Bucs have “annointed” Luke as the starting QB for 2009 – an assumption based on the big pay raise he received (1 million in 2008 to 2.5 million in 2009).

    2. Garcia is out – he’s a UFA and not a priority to re-sign

    3. If Griese is let go (he’s already under contract for 2009) that only leaves McCown and Josh Johnson for the Bucs – that would spell disaster.

    4. Of the UFA on the market those who would “realistically” give Luke a run at the starting job are: Ryan Fitzpatrick, JP Loseman, Bryon Leftwich, JT O’Sullivan, Rex Grossman and GASP Chris Sims! Of that list are any really better than Griese?

    5. Bringing anyone else into the system means they have to become familiar with the OL and teammates.

    Is Griese the future of the Bucs? Heck no but he’s a solid #2 and should push Luke for the starting position. He’ll come cheaper than bringing Garcia back for an additional year and having “Son of Bob” means the Bucs have a little consistency at the QB spot which is a must given all the other HOLES that need to be filled.

    Sorry Joe but given all the other priorities the Bucs have you’re just wrong on this account.

  9. tacher Says:

    Am I missing something? Griese is worthless. And how does Griese knowing the o-line mean anything. He just drops back and stands there.

  10. Danbucsfan Says:

    Mr. Lucky wrote:

    “If Griese is let go (he’s already under contract for 2009) that only leaves McCown and Josh Johnson for the Bucs – that would spell disaster.”

    Disaster? Worse than being 9-3 and then losing out the rest of the season?

    The Glazers have made a bold decision to invest in the youth within this organization as far as the coaching staff, they need to turn to the youth in the player positions as well, and since they have let Gruden go, they need to let go this notion that you need a veteran quarterback!

    I have seen McCown play, and he has potential…but potential is not realized by riding the pines.

    I have seen Johnson play, and I was impressed!

    How many other bench warmers have been brought up out of necessity and asked to perform when somebody else could not.

    Earnest Graham? Clifton Smith? Nobody can question their contributions to this team!

    Give these young QB’s a chance to play, give them the reps in practice and let them show us that they are able to perform to the level that I think they can.

    Griese is not worthless, just not worth the money he will demand. He could still contibute as a mentor to these young quarterbacks, and be a decent backup veteran player as a last resort.

    Just my humble opinion of course…

  11. Sargeant Mike Says:

    Griese is no more worthless than the rest of the hacks available on UFA @ QB, Thats the point. If you get rid of one guy just to pay another similar money it needs to be a real upgrade. None of the other UFA’s could be considered an upgrade. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence! I agree w/ you Mr. Lucky. Everyone wants to pull the trigger this year and seem to be willing to wait a few years for a winner but thats BULL. We still have a core of good players and some veterans that should be able to help the younger talent develop before they retire. Lets win now and take a tempered approach to rebuilding a 9-7 team.

  12. Mr. Lucky Says:


    Tell me WHO, of the available UFA, would do a better job than Griese? Sure Griese isn’t a scrambler like Garcia but I was under the impression that a GOOD O-Line was supposed to protect the QB!

    The problem last year was INCONSISTENCY from the play-calling and injury at the RB position, not to mention not having enough WR’s would could get open.

    Unless the Bucs go after a proven “starter” to press Luke, like a Collins, Cassell or McNabb, Griese is an acceptable back-up/possible starter.

    Just remember these two words – Trent Dilfer. (Former Buc and Super Bowl ring holder from Ravens).

    Now the important thing is the Bucs need to:

    1. Upgrade RB position
    2. Get WR’s who are healthy and make plays
    3. Upgrade O-Line.

    PS – Chemistry between O-Line and QB means nothing? Apparently YOU’VE never played football

  13. Sargeant Mike Says:

    And I digress.

  14. Joe Says:

    Mr. Lucky:

    First, thanks for coming on board with JoeBucsFan.com. Glad to have you and your insight. Please don’t be a stranger.

    To Son of Bob: Remember that this is a stiff that couldn’t beat out Kyle Orton or Rex Grossman in Chicago nor could he beat out Jay Fiedler in Miami.

    Joe suggests that there are all sorts of (cheaper) unrestricted free agents who could throw interceptions as adroitly as Son of Bob.

  15. TedOL Says:

    Hard to believe that apparently intelligent fans like Lucky and Sarge here are defending Brian Griese. If he’s so great then let the Bucs trade him. He’d have to have value if he’s so special.

    there’s a new offensive coordinator and a new blocking scheme so Griese is not going to be familiar with anything. So tehre is no advantage there. The guy stinks. Get somebody younger for less money who can stink just as bad. Or get an older veteran who can really be a mentor.

    Just a name. What about Duante Culpepper? Might come cheap and he’s better than Griese. Garcia might work. Losman’s not bad.

  16. featttt Says:

    Buddy at work just sent me this. Nice site Joe. I agree with Joe. The Bucs need to bring in a QB that can REALLY compete with McCown and learn the new system alongside him. Let them push each other. Leftwich can still play. I wouldn’t mind looking at Simms. He’s soupposedly finally healthy. Griese makes little sense.

    IF HE WASN”T ON THE ROSTER NOBODY WOULD BE INTERSTED IN HIM> You’re lying if you say otherwise

  17. Mr. Lucky Says:

    With regard to the QB situation – I don’t believe that younger players can’t contribute. If management decides that Luke McCown is the starting QB (as evident by the new contract) then maybe they know more than I do. The few times that I did see Luke play I saw potential but I’m not willing to slap a franchise tag on the guy – know what I mean. In fact I’d switch Luke to back-up status in a heartbeat if the Bucs could lure Matt Cassell or Kurt Warner here.

    The problem isn’t Luke but it’s the back-up and 3rd QB that I have a concern with. I read a lot of positive about Josh Johnson but come on. Are you really ready to have a 2nd year player, a 5th round pick from San Diego as your starting QB? I mean it’s shades of Shaun King all over again (we know how well that turned out don’t we?)

    The Bucs need at least 2 or 3 other QB’s going into training camp. The question is do the Bucs attempt to re-sign Garcia as their back-up? After the problems of last year between Chucky & Jeff and how Garcia acted to training camp I wouldn’t bother with Garcia.

    With regard to Griese I understand Joe’s premise and I wouldn’t be adverse to cutting Bob if the Bucs had 2 other replacements who are of equal or better value. Therefore, until the Bucs sign a FA QB I can’t see cutting Griese just for the sake of “saving” $