McCown Signing “Stays The Course”

February 9th, 2009

The Dream wants to keep the Bucs family together

On Raheem The Dream’s first day as head coach he said the Bucs would “Stay the Course,” Joe can’t get the comment out of his head.

Stay the Course. It’s something only a new coach with confidence in his team would say.

With today’s signing of Luke McCown, The Dream is living up to his word, like it or not.

McCown no doubt asked The Dream and general manager Mark Dominik whether he has a real chance to be the 2009 starting QB. It seems Dominik and The Dream said, ‘Yes,’ considering McCown signed before the start of free agency.

Assuming the dishonesty of the Gruden era is in the past, Morris may have indeed decided to Stay the Course. This could be it. The Bucs might enter July training camp with McCown (28), Brian Griese (33) and Josh Johnson (23), their three QBs under contract.  

Joe’s still thinking this move through.

Going with McCown represents a chance to develop a young quarterback with good skills and some experience who comes very cheap. That leaves plenty of money to bring in a monster running back and other free agents.

But Joe still hopes the Bucs are at least open to a blockbuster deal to bring in a top-flight QB.

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