The Dream Assures McCown A Chance To Start

February 9th, 2009

The Dream promised QB Luke McCown a real chance to start for the Bucs in 2009

Props to Pewter Report for securing an in-depth interview with Luke McCown, who re-signed with the Bucs today.

Terms of the deal were revealed and now McCown can definitely afford to pay someone to chop wood for him.

According to league sources, the Bucs signed McCown to a two-year contract worth $7.5 million. He received a $2.5 million signing bonus and is scheduled to earn $2.5 million in base salary in 2009. McCown has playing time and playoff incentives that could make the deal worth as much as $14 million over two years.

McCown talked about Chucky, his leadership ability and many other subjects.

Joe will leave you with McCown’s words regarding his love of the Bucs organization and the Bay area.

“Well guys, I think number one we love Tampa. My wife, both of our sons, and our third son will be born here in Tampa. We love it here. We enjoy playing here. We love the organization. We love my teammates and the friends that we’ve made here. We love the community and the fans. That always comes into play. You never want to move when you’ve been here a place four years and started your family here, and established a relationship base with a lot of people – especially when you love your team and the team that you play for. That is a major factor.

“And I am really excited to play for Coach Morris. I’m really excited to play for Mark [Dominik]. The organization is on the right track this year, and for them to show that confidence in me … also to show the support this early before free agency, and they showed the confidence in me that I’ve wanted to have somebody show. That meant a lot, and for them to say ‘Look, we know you have the potential to be great.’ One of the first things that Raheem said to me was ‘You’ve got some untapped potential that we want to tap into. We are going to give you the opportunity to compete to be our starter.’ That is all I could ask for and all I was looking for. That pretty much sealed the deal for me.”

2 Responses to “The Dream Assures McCown A Chance To Start”

  1. bucs Says:

    What;s with the props to the Pewter Report for securing an in-depth interview with McCown. The Bucs made him available via conference call to the entire print media.

  2. admin Says:

    Joe reacted to Pewter Report publishing a Q & A of the interview shortly after its completion Monday afternoon. Joe had no idea McCown was made available to the media. Can’t a guy share a little appreciaton? Regardless, Pewter Report published its detailed McCown story long before its competitors. They derserved the credit.