Brooks “Revolutionized” Football

February 26th, 2009

To tell any reasonable football fan in the state of Florida that Derrick Brooks had an impact on the game isn’t a tough sell. Afterall, Brooks dominated high school football at Pensacola Booker T. Washington where his team won a state title and Brooks was selected to the Florida High School Athletic Association’s All Century team, among the state’s greatest 100 high school players.

Later, Brooks helped Bobby Bowden win his first national championship at Florida State. With the Bucs, Brooks scored the biggest touchdown in Bucs’ history to seal the franchise’s lone Super Bowl win.

One could argue Brooks is Mr. Football for the Sunshine State. He has only played football for Florida teams at every level and won championships at every level. In short, Brooks is a winner.

But a non-Florida resident also sees how important Brooks has been to the game of football. Pete Prisco of claims Brooks “revolutionized” the position of linebacker.

He redefined the way a position was played.

When Brooks came into the league in 1995, small, fast linebackers were being bulked up to play safety, which many teams wanted Brooks to do. He was 210 pounds coming out of Florida State, and bigger safeties were in vogue to go with the bigger linebackers.

Brooks said no. He insisted he was a linebacker.

It’s a decision that proved to be right. He is on his way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, one of the classiest players to put on an NFL uniform.

The thought of Brooks no longer in a Bucs uniform is enough for Joe to begin crying in his No. 55 jersey. Where’s Carmella when you need her?

One Response to “Brooks “Revolutionized” Football”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Derrick Brooks was a Proud and noble football warrior for both Tampa Bay, and Florida. We must honor him, with the highest honors we can