Stop The Father Dungy Fellatio!

January 13th, 2009
The hero worship for a good man who failed at his job in Tampa Bay by the local Dungryphiles is way over the top and sadly, predictable for Joe

The hero worship for a good man who failed at his job in Tampa Bay by the local Dungryphiles is way over the top and, sadly, predictable.

Two things Joe knew would come true:

1) Someday, Father Dungy would retire.

2) The local Tampa Bay MSM would breathlessly fall over themselves in an effort to out do each other, acting as if Abraham Lincoln came back from the grave.

Joe couldn’t believe his eyes when last night, local TV newscasts led their broadcasts with Father Dungy retiring as if a head of state had passed. The gushing and near crying was just too much for Joe to stomach.

Sadly, Joe expected this whenever Father Dungy retired.

Look, Joe is the first person to admit Father Dungy was and is a nice guy, if not a great man. And Joe is confident Father Dungy was beyond nice to the local Bucs beat writers when he was here. But just because someone is kind does that mean the MSM has to stoop to such wild degrees of hero worship? Have we, as a society, sunk that low that just because someone is polite to others they should be raised upon pedestal?

Maybe Joe comes from a different world, but he can find dozens of nice guys just walking out of his office. That doesn’t mean there should be a state holiday for them.

Sadly, the Tampa Bay area is full of Dungyphiles. So unnerved are these people, they clutch to the fallacy that Jon Gruden won the Super Bowl “with Dungy’s players,” which is a patently false premise. Yet these same Dungyphiles cannot explain why Father Dungy couldn’t win a Super Bowl with his own players, much less get to a Super Bowl, much less build an offense that can score a measly touchdown in the NFC title game? Not one!

This Father Dungy fellatio also proves how far being nice to beat reporters can get a coach. Why suddenly, the fourth estate forgets that someone failed in the job!

To paraphrase Robert Plant (of all people), “Does anyone remember objectivity?”

Wait a minute, Father Dungy wasn’t a failure? Really? Joe doesn’t seem to recall the Bucs playing in a Super Bowl with Father Dungy around. Joe also seems to recall Father Dungy was fired by the Glazer Boys for just such a misdeed.

Then there was that little thing that irks Joe to this day: Father Dungy couldn’t figure out how to build a competent offense to save his own job. He ran an early-20th Century offense and claimed all the time “this is how we did it in Pittsburgh.” Yet his own former teammate with the vaunted Steel Curtain Pittsburgh teams, Mel Blount, even disproved that notion during one of the fabulous NFL Network “America’s Game” documentaries, noting how Father Dungy’s former coach, Chuck Noll, changed the Steelers offense to pass often to take advantage of the “Mel Blount Rule.”

Look, Joe commends Father Dungy for his countless good deeds and for being an upstanding guy, if not a great man. This, however, doesn’t mean Father Dungy should be worshiped for his failure with the Bucs.

And yes, Father Dungy failed as a Bucs coach.

The public grieving done about Father Dungy — who hasn’t coached the Bucs in seven years and only was the Bucs coach for six years — is too much. Joe wonders why John Tortorella wasn’t eulogized in such a manner? Tortorella did far more with the Lightning.

For that matter Joe Maddon has done far more with the Rays.

Joe wonders if Maddon will be fawned over in such a manner when his days come to an end with the Rays?

This Father Dungy hero worship proves to Joe that legends aren’t necessarily created as a result of substance.

14 Responses to “Stop The Father Dungy Fellatio!”

  1. Jeff Says:

    It could have been worse. Can you imagine the local media coverage if the Colts had made it to the Super Bowl?

  2. Dave Says:

    We finally agree on something 100%. I could have been the HC for the Colts with Peyton Manning at QB and had a better post-season record.
    Enough already! And Jeff, yes that would have been an all out orgy.

  3. admin Says:

    >>>Can you imagine the local media coverage if the Colts had made it to the Super Bowl?<<< Joe just broke out into a cold sweat imaging this.

  4. Crackerrick Says:

    I understand the love affair, but he’s just a freakin’ football coach who is charitible. So is every high school coach who gives his life to coach kids for little pay.

  5. cbh49er Says:

    Those Bucs sure were world beaters before Father Dungy came around, what a failure.

  6. Kris Says:

    finally somebody speaks the truth,Dungy is praised all around because he is nice,and also,though nobody will admit,is black.Look at his playoff record,he was beyond terrible with the bucs,choking away i think 2 teams from getting to the super bowl.Then he gets Peyton Manning in his prime and only gets 1 ring,,thanks to The Pats not having a WR and troy brown dropping a 3rd down pass.This past year proves to me his mediocrity as a coach.In wk 17 he pulls or rests all his players knowing that next week he would have to play an on fire SD Team most likely in rd 1.Every year he did this,the colts came out out of rythem and lost in the playoffs.The year that Duncey(spelled wrong purposely) didnt rest his players,the won a SB. This man couldnt coach an offense in highschool much less the NFL.Im glad he is gone.I hate the dungy slurpers who say gruden won with dungy’s players.Im glad this person rightly stood up and asked why couldnt dungy win then.

  7. Makblunt Says:

    Dungy was the first coach the leave the Bucs with a winning record, and has a better winning percentage than Gruden over about the same span. From 1985 to 1995, the Bucs were 50-125. They were an unstoppable losing machine. Dungy did the impossible making that terrible franchise not only respectable, but gave them an identity with his definse. He’s your all-time winningest coach, and nearly took Shaun King to a Superbowl. You should show a lot more respect. If it wasn’t for him, the Bucs would still be hot garbage on the same level as the Lions.

  8. TheOriginalProfessor Says:

    Typical HATER

  9. Kris Says:

    Ummm Bruce Allen,the Gm then, built the team,Monte Kiffin the defense.if dunce was this deity of coaching that everyone makes him out to be he would have found a way to score a td,,1 Freakin TD against the Rams,,or How to beat the eagles at least 1 out 2 times in the playoffs(we were the better team at least 1 of those times),,by the way,Gruden crushed the Eagles in Philly in his 1st Conf.Champ.Game..If it wasnt for Bruce allen and Monte the bucs might still suck,but Dunce didnt have this all mighty power over Tampa that the media wants you to believe.If he is the 2nd coming of all coaches,how come his defense in INDY has sucked for the majority of 7 years…they couldnt get off the field this year,it was brutal to watch all year how bad they are.You have Peyton F’N Manning in his prime and only get to one Super Bowl. He is another dirty lil secret,if Belichek coached the colts,how many more rings would Mr.Manning have.Gruden coached the same players,,added Michael Pittman and won the same amount of super bowls without Peyton Manning as Dunce did with Manning.It’s painful to watch people fawn over Dunce,because he is nice,and christian,and black.That doesnt take into his ineptness as a head coach.Ive watched Colts games because of Manning for years and its unreal the ingame choices he will make sometimes.Dunce’s so-called expertise is his defense.Where was it in Indy? He didnt have to touch the offense,though im sure he wouldve screwed it up if he did,in fact watching some of the play calls,im sure he had a hand it in.Gruden brought the ring to Tampa.In FACT,I’ll say Kiffin is the coaching reason why,it was his defense under Dunce,and his defense under Gruden.In closing,I have no respect for that man,costing us at least a chance at 1 Super Bowl,wasting the prime of Peyton Manning’s career.He is a glorfied George Seifert,,a guy who takes over a team with great players,eventually gets a ring,but not as many as a team with that much talent should have.Seifert always lost to the cowboys til 95,Dunce always lost to the Pats cept in 06.Both had all time talent and QB,WR,both were always outcoached when it mattered most.

  10. Kris Says:

    1 more thing,Dunce’s last 3 playoff games in Tampa,,Lost 11-6 to St Louis(No Td’s),,Lost 21-3 to Philly(No TD’s),,Lost 31-9 Philly again(No TD’S) I Guess this is all Monte Kiffin’s fault because Deity Duncee is never at fault for anything that goes wrong around him yet seems to get all the credit when his teams win when he doesnt’t do much.If Gruden won with Dunce’s players,then Dungy won with Jim Mora’s (playoffs!!!)players.

  11. Kris Says:

    oh, it was Rich Mckay the GM Then,i take fault for that

  12. Bill Says:

    Agree with you Joe. I respect Tony for being the coach when the franchise turned around, but I believe the Bucs had 23 new players the Super Bowl year. The media was also on the fire Tony bandwagon. I heard a report that the Indy media was pushing for Tony to be fired after the first round exit. The new hot flavor is Bill Cowher who had have been fired several times if not for the patience of the owners.

  13. Tampa Edski Says:

    TheOriginalProfessor Says:

    January 14th, 2009 at 10:57 am
    Typical HATER


    Brad! Adding substance to the conversation as usual! Or is that just an analog of conversation???

    It’s a little harsh to call Dungy a complete failure here, but it is true that he could not take the team past that final step. And I do agree that there are far too many people fawning over him still.

    And I wonder how Gruden gets a pass, when his record since the SB is rather much worse than Dungy’s. Does winning a SB buy you THAT much time?

  14. Kris Says:

    im not sayin gruden gets a pass,however hes proven he can win the big game.of course gettin to play in a big game hasnt happend in a few years.This yr i think the downfall can be pointed to after Monte announced he wasnt coming back the d went to crap.I think you give Gruden a yr and if no playoffs next yr try to get a vet coach like shannahan,cower,holmgren,,but i dont want to see a young inexperienced or college coach here as that would signal rebuilding and i dont think we need to rebuild.I think we need to somehow get a big play WR,a OLB to pair with brooks and rudd.As for Dunce,my opinions on that matter have been stated.Also as far as records go,Dunce had Peyton,E.james/addai,Wayne/harrison,D.Clark, on offense ,Gruden has had to make do with basically scrap parts on offense,the fact that we won the division last yr and were 9-3 at 1 point this year shows me the man knows how to coach.Hell give Gruden the indy offense and they would have more then 1 Ring