Quarles Should Reconsider The Bus-Train Gig

January 13th, 2009
Joe nominates Shelton Quarles to coach the Bucs linebackers in '09

Joe nominates Shelton Quarles to coach the Bucs linebackers in '09

As an experienced sports and news reporter, Joe can confidently say news reporting has major drawbacks. No. 1 would be sitting through painfully boring and seemingly endless government meetings, which, if you’re not dozing, are more irritating than Red Sox fans at Tropicana Field.

Sometimes important things happen at these meetings. But mostly they resemble a Bruce Allen news conference — long on spin and short on substance.

Former Pro Bowl Bucs linebacker Shelton Quarles spends a lot of his time at these government meetings. He’s the chairman of the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority. So he basically leads a team of politicians who talk about things they can’t afford.

What baffles Joe is how Quarles, 37, recently signed up again for the job, after Gov. Charlie Crist appointed him to the Authority in 2007.

Joe would like to see Quarles step aside from his post and do some really important work, namely coaching the Bucs linebackers in 2009.

Is there a more qualified candidate?

Gus Bradley, the most recent linebackers coach just bolted for the D-coordinator gig in Seattle. Reports say Joe Barry, former Bucs linebacker and coach and architect of the NFL’s worst defense in 2008, will follow Bradley to the Northwest.

Raheem Morris would benefit greatly from having a linebackers coach who knows the system, and someone who has the respect of the veterans.

Mr. Quarles, it’s time to lose the light rail drawings and get back to X’s and O’s. Joe is sure you could always attend the transportation meetings in your free time.

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