Raheem The Dream Speaks

January 23rd, 2009

New Bucs coach Raheem the Dream spoke with the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio Steve Duemig Friday afternoon. The interview in its entirety can be found on “The Big Dog’s” page on the station’s website.

The Dream didn’t say a whole lot but spoke in a lot of cheerleading cliches. He seems to be a likeable fellow but it’s hard to judge someone who doesn’t offer much to say.

Joe did notice that his voice inflections remind Joe of Steve Spurrier.

Aside from saying defensive backs coaches make the best NFL head coaches, the most interesting thing Dream said came near the end of the interview. Duemig informed him that former Bucs defensive backs coach and Kansas City head coach Herm Edwards was fired. The Dream then said, “I’m going to call him here right now.”

Offer Herm a job Dream!

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