Morris Hiring Edwards Would Return A Favor

January 24th, 2009

Herm Edwards brought Raheem Morris into the NFL

Joe mentioned yesterday how Raheem Morris might talk Herm Edwards into coaching the Bucs secondary and possibly giving him an assistant head coach title, if Edwards were to lose his job as Chiefs head coach.

Well, Edwards was then fired an hour later. And informed of the development on the air with Steve Duemig, of 620 WDAE-AM, The Sports Animal, Morris said, “I’m going to call [Herm} here right now.”

Joey Johnson, of the Tampa Tribune explored the relationship between Edwards and Moris recently. It turns out Edwards gave Morris his start in the NFL.

Morris was coached during his playing days at Hofstra University by Joe Gardi, former Jets defensive coordinator during the Sack Exchange years. Morris later became an assistant coach at Hofstra and Gardi recommended him to Edwards, who was then head coach of the Jets.

One day, Jets coach Herm Edwards, whose team worked out on the Hofstra campus, was out for a jog. Gardi called him over.

“Look at my guy,” Gardi said, motioning to Morris, who was coaching the defensive backs. “Now he would be a great pro coach.”

A little later, Edwards found Morris. In a fast-talking, rat-a-tat-tat exchange, a career path was forged.

You want to work with us?

Yeah, let’s go.

Morris was given an NFL minority internship. Gardi later recommended him to Bucs defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, who needed a quality-control coach.

“Monte later told me, ‘Joe, after seeing how Raheem works and how tenacious he is, you just send the next one on because anybody you recommend is solid with me,'” Gardi said.

Joe has no idea whether Edwards wants to return to Tampa, where he was the secondary coach for five season under Tony Dungy? But he’d sure be a valuable addition and a key mentor to Morris.

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