Whitley: Time For Chucky To Go

December 29th, 2008
David Whitley of the Orlando Sentinel makes a strong case for Chucky to be collecting a paycheck elsewhere next season.

David Whitley of the Orlando Sentinel makes a strong case for Chucky to be collecting a paycheck elsewhere next season.

To this day, Joe mourns the fact David Whitley left the Tampa Tribune for the Orlando Sentinel. Whitley is an absolute dynamite writer but Joe still can’t understand what Orlando has over Tampa other than nightmarish traffic.

There’s no NFL, no MLB, no NHL. Yeah, there’s the NBA, which begs the question: What was Whitley smoking?

Anyway, thanks to Al Gore’s invention, one with a modem living in virtually any corner of the globe can read anyone’s copy.

Whitley absolutely takes apart Chucky and makes the strongest case (yet) Joe has read for showing Chucky the exit door.

As owners, the Glazers have to be questioning if this Chucky thing deserves another sequel. The Bucs have gone 7-9, 5-11, 11-5, 4-12, 9-7 and 9-7 since winning the Super Bowl.

And this year’s 9-7 feels more like 9-70 after Sunday. Every year it’s a patchwork offense and Kiffin’s defense.

Now Kiffin is gone, though the way the defense played recently that might not be a bad thing. Gruden will again be holding mass auditions at quarterback. Who knows if it’ll be Donovan McNabb or Kurt Warner or Brett Favre’s tractor mechanic taking snaps in ’09?

With Gruden’s offense, the only consistent thing has been a lack of consistency. Even if they think the bailing wire will work next season, the Glazers must consider how the Bucs have always staggered home.

It will be interesting to see how the Glazer Boys handle this. But it’s starting to get to Joe that he’s starting to read (again from various reporters including Whitley’s recent piece) what an absolute football genius this Father Dungy was and… wwwwhhhaaaa! He was fired! Wwwwhhhhaaaa!

It’s becoming obvious that many MSMers still haven’t gotten over the fact Father Dungy was fired, some seven years after the fact.

Newsflash: Father Dungy failed to win the big ones here. At least Chucky was able to win a Super Bowl. Whether Chucky gets fired or not, the Bucs struggles lately under Chucky do not, nor should not, disguise the fact Father Dungy was a failure here and if he didn’t have a built-in Hall of Fame quarterback and receiver along with a highly intelligent offensive coordinator in Indianapolis, the lone piece of bling Father Dungy would still have on his hands would be his wedding ring.

Yes, Father Dungy was fired for lesser offenses than Chucky. But Father Dungy still hasn’t cured cancer.

One Response to “Whitley: Time For Chucky To Go”

  1. Reality check Says:

    “Dungy was a failure here” – Statements like that are just as bad as those you criticize as having a “Father Dungy” complex. You can put Dungy did not win a superbowl here (or an NFC championship for that matter). But turning around the most dismal team (apologies to Arizona) and making them a perenial contender is hardly a “failure.”

    Some of those supporters might say its funny how the Colts had those hall of fame players and coordinator before Dungy and yet, by your definition they were failures. Seems to me Superbowls stands at 1 for Chucky, 1 for Dungy. Neither of their teams have been failures.