Total Team Blame

December 29th, 2008

Justin Pawlowski, host of the highly intelligent “The Blitz” aired on Saturdays from noon-3 p.m. on WDAE 620-AM, has a new column up on his webpage where he pulls no punches.

Just like a high school football coach who grossly overuses the cliche “total team effort” (as if third string kids sitting on the bench who never step on the field made a significant play during a game), Pawlowski considers the Bucs historic franchise tank job a total team effort.

Pawlowski points a finger at just about everyone from the Glazer Boys all the way down to the players. And he suggests if the Glazer Boys can Chucky, then there needs to be a complete house-cleaning.

As for Gruden, if you do fire him, I think it might be time for everyone to follow him. Just start from scratch. When you start, get a head coach who will be a head coach. This bullsh** that the head coach can’t touch the defense is stupid. He’s the F***ing head coach!!! He is responsible for the ENTIRE team. If you fire Gruden, you MUST bring in a leader who will be a head coach and not a glorified coordinator with added responsibilities. He can then bring in his own coordinators and assistants.

Joe doesn’t disagree with Justin. There isn’t one person to blame, but a whole lot of blame to go around. It takes more than one or two players for a team to choke its last four games resulting in missing the playoffs.

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