“Sidiot” Says Put Cash On Bucs

December 26th, 2008

Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News is not unlike his counterpart, Phil Mushnick of the New York Post. They are not bashful. When they read/see something they don’t like, they don’t mince words. They crucify people.

It’s Joe’s kinda writing and sadly, is rarely, rarely seen in the Tampa Bay fishwraps.

A few years ago, Joe began reading Raissman and Mushnick. Not because Joe has any connection to New York (though Joe’s mother was born there), the closest Joe has been there is either Pittsburgh or Washington, D.C. Joe hasn’t ever been motivated to find out which city is closer to Gotham.

One reason Joe began reading the two aforementioned scribes is that they are so damned entertaining, if not informative. If one can learn — and better yet, laugh — after reading a column, that’s a damn good column.

Often, Joe is in near-tears after reading Mushnick and Raissman.

One common denominator with the two was their vitriol over former New York radio personality Sid Rosenberg, who Raissman constantly referred to as “Sidiot.” Joe has no clue why the two hated Rosenberg so much (Rosenberg later worked in Miami radio as well). But Joe can’t imagine Rosenberg to be any worse than a former self-admitted drug user who works locally in the mornings or those unemployed chicken wing waitresses who work locally in the middays.

Those shows are so beyond putrid it’s beneath Joe to even mention their names. Joe won’t even embarrass the respective stations’ executives by mentioning on what frequency they can be found.

At any rate, Rosenberg now works for something called OpenSports.com. Joe still can’t figure out why Mushnick and Raissman hate Rosenberg. For all Joe knows Rosenberg is a likeable fellow. But the nickname that Raissman used for Rosenberg is so hilarious; Joe will continue to refer to Rosenberg, affectionately, as Sidiot.

What does this have to do with the Bucs? Sidiot advises fans to lay cash on the Bucs this Sunday.

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