Raiders Game May Be Clayton’s Last For Bucs

December 24th, 2008
Its drops like this one that Bucs fans will always remember former first round pick Michael Clayton for.

Drops like this one are how Bucs fans will always remember former first round pick Michael Clayton

So Michael Clayton is whining that he’s not utilized properly and, as a result, he’s threatening to leave the Bucs and test the free agent market after the season, so reports Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

“I will definitely test the free agent market,’’ Clayton said Wednesday.

Clayton is one of several Bucs regulars who are slated to become free agents after the season. Most say they want to return to the Bucs and Clayton didn’t rule that out either.

“It would be a good situation [here],’’ he said. “My family is set here. But I’ve been a quiet guy and I’ve been through a lot here. Coming off a season where I caught 80 balls and never being able to get that many attempts [again[ basically speaks for itself.’’

Look, Clayton is a fine blocker and runs great routes. But first and foremost, the main responsibility of a receiver oddly enough is to catch the damn ball. A blocking wide receiver with stone hands can be found anywhere. Clayton is a first round pick. His catching ability has been, to be polite, sporadic.

There’s no need for Bruce Almighty to break the bank for a one-trick pony. Maybe if Clayton was more consistent in hauling in passes, he’d be worth a bigger contract.

He’s not, therefore he’s not.

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