Monte Kiffin And The Hall Of Fame

December 4th, 2008
Joe says Buddy Ryan and Monte Kiffin should at least garner some discussion by Hall of Fame voters

Joe says Buddy Ryan and Monte Kiffin should at least garner some discussion by Hall of Fame voters

Joe’s an avid listener of sports radio – good and bad, satellite and local – and over the past week many hosts have brought up the topic of whether Bucs defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin is worthy of a bust in the Hall of Fame.

The talk usually ends quickly with the host unable to think of any assistant coaches that have made their way to Canton, or even been worthy because the dope doesn’t do any research. But everybody with a grasp of the NFL seems to think coordinators like Monte or Dick LeBeau should be considered.

Joe agrees. And he’s agreed since Buddy Ryan said goodbye to the NFL and went to try and breed or buy the next Kentucky Derby winner. (No. Joe has no idea if Ryan is still in horse racing).

As specialized as the NFL has become with head coaches like Jon Gruden who play no role in the defense, genius coordinators and assistants like Kiffin and Ryan need to get a hard look by the Hall of Fame voters for their contributions to the game and their successes. And it would be nice to do it before they’re dead 20 years.

As defensive coordinator, Ryan was the genius behind the ’85 Bears, which ran his league-changing “46” defense. Before that, he was one of the defensive architects of the Vikings’ Super Bowl teams of the 1970s, and prior to that he won a Super Bowl ring with the ’69 Jets. He was credited for crafting the scheme that upset the Colts in Super Bowl III.

Ryan set up the Eagles with a dominating defense in the ’80s and ’90s, but there he was head coach and his playoff flops probably cost him a shot in the Hall. 

Regardless, the Hall of Fame should find a way to expand their consideration to the game’s geniuses, like Kiffin and Ryan.

Below is a quick Buddy Ryan video flashing back to the infamous “bodybag” game. Unfortunately, Ryans’ punch in the face of Kevin Gilbride is nowhere to be found on YouTube.

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