Media Covers Up Bucs’ Brush With Police

December 24th, 2008

Enraged in a Tampa restaurant parking lot about 4 a.m. on Oct. 13, according to a Tampa police report, then Bucs offensive lineman Anthony Davis had electronic control devices (Tasers) pointed at him by Tampa Police while they ordered him to leave the scene of a large disturbance and other men tried to restrain him.

The report says Davis was yelling outside the International House of Pancakes, “Fuck the police, You can’t do nothing. I want my food mother fucker. I got food that I ordered.”

Investigating an alleged felony battery at the scene police subsequently interviewed Bucs players Michael Bennett, Quincy Black and Donald Penn, according to the police report, and Buccaneers Director of Player Development Eric Vance helped police attain interviews and was present when police interviewed Davis at One Buc Place.

There is so much more to this story that continues today with Brian Gordon, a man allegedly struck and injured at the restaurant, suing Bennett, Davis and International House of Pancakes ownership in Hillsborough County Civil Court. The suit was filed Dec. 15. first reported the civil suit filing on Friday and discussed the story that day on 620 AM, The Sports Animal, during the highly rated morning and afternoon programming with Steve Duemig, Ron Diaz and Justin Pawlowski.

Since then, editors and reporters of the St. Petersburg Times, NewsChannel 8, and the Tampa Tribune were alerted to the police reports and civil court filings. To date, it appears they have chosen to completely ignore the story.

This media cover-up should trouble every sensible person.

All media routinely reports stories with far less public interest. Also, civil court filings against famous people are reported nearly 100 percent of the time, with very few exceptions. Buccaneers players definitely meet the standard of famous. 

In addition, this case clearly is not a completely frivolous suit. The plaintiff was injured at the scene, according to police reports. And his Tampa-based attorney, Jack Gordon says his client’s jaw was wired shut hours after the incident at a local hospital.

Also, for Bucs fans, the incident – regardless of what actually happened at the scene – casts a shadow over the Bucs releasing Davis and Bennett from the team, in October and November, respectively.

The mainstream media completely ignoring this story – not even a four-paragraph brief to announce the suit and proclaim that no criminal charges were filed – brings to light one glaring question.


2 Responses to “Media Covers Up Bucs’ Brush With Police”

  1. Henry Oladokun Says:

    The story is a little more accurate now compared to the story on friday. Even though Davis was being beligerent he was not the one who struck the accuser in the face to cause his mouth wired shut. This guy was being just as mouthy and enticing the athletes, I just think he was looking for a quick bucks and one of these guys took the bait.

  2. admin Says:

    Joe assures readers that both stories are completely correct. We don’t need a lawsuit. Friday’s initial story simply reported what is in the civil lawsuit.