Galloway Fired Up For 2009

December 30th, 2008
Joey Galloway said he plans on much more end zone flexing in the future

Joey Galloway said he plans on much more end zone flexing in the future

The White Tiger is 37 but says he still has plenty of kitten left in him.

Speaking Monday night on The Joey Galloway Show, on 620 AM, The Sports Animal, Galloway told co-host Steve Duemig he is eager to play several more years in the NFL.

Galloway said this offseason will be unique for him as he will enter it 100 percent healthy. Known for his rigorous training regimen, Galloway said he will work at his usual pace and can’t wait for the start of training camp with the Bucs or possibly another team.

The Bucs have Galloway under contract for 2009, and Joe is certain the Bucs will hold onto him, or possibly trade him in August if a good deal arises.

First, Bruce Almighty and Chucky are thin at receiver and they won’t want Galloway to catch on with a conference rival. Also, Chucky is very likely to fall in love again with a healthy Galloway in the spring and try to pretend Galloway’s time in the doghouse this season is ancient history.

You can almost hear Gruden after a 2009 minicamp session, “I love Joey Galloway. He’s a big part of what we do here.”

2 Responses to “Galloway Fired Up For 2009”

  1. FlorioDuimig Says:

    What a cesspool of whine this entire site is.

    Why don’t you tell Galloway to put forth an effort when he’s on the field and not the primary receiver or be just a little less afraid to touch those big mean people where a different colored jersey on occasion.

    What’s apparent to the fans in the stands is going to be very apparent to a coaching staff.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for reading, or, as you call it, a “cesspool of whine.”

    Joe advises you to re-read this post; you’ll find it contains no whining.

    Thanks again for visiting, and be sure to tell your friends all about us.