Do The Bucs Need An Overhaul?

December 30th, 2008

The fingers are still being pointed from all corners at the Bucs. Chucky, Bruce Almighty, the Glazer Boys, the defensive line, you name it.

Count Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune among the many (including your favorite Joe). Henderson seems to be of the opinion that the entire team — with few exceptions — from Bruce Almighty all the way down to running backs need to get the heave-ho.

Maybe fans are just tired of the double-talk. Gruden was still at it Monday morning. He said he wants Jeff Garcia back next season. He wants Michael Clayton back. He sort of wants Joey Galloway to return. My goodness, man. Gruden can’t really be saying that, can he?

You don’t bring Garcia back. You don’t bring Clayton back. You don’t bring Galloway back. Galloway wasn’t even here when he was here. Use your eyes and see this team for what it is, because that’s what fans are doing. There are maybe a couple of areas on this team that don’t need a total makeover.

The offensive line and defensive secondary look fine. The kicker, punter and return man are fine, too. But do you trust the quarterback? Running backs? Receivers?

Joe will have much more on what he thinks the Bucs will do and where the Bucs need to upgrade in the coming days and weeks. But it’s pretty obvious the two areas where the Bucs need help are the defensive tackle positions and quite possibly an entire housecleaning of the offense save for the line and Antonio Bryant; not unlike what Chucky did when he took over for Father Dungy.

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